ALNWICK Chess Club

Gateshead Knights 1½ v Alnwick 3½

Alnwick Chess Club won their second league match of the season when they took on Gateshead Knights at Morpeth Rugby Club.

Alnwick went one up when Rob McEwan checkmated his opponent, but Gatehead then drew level when James Pharoah lost his game, having been in control and looked to be winning, but an uncharacteristic error by him losing a piece gave his opponent the advantage which James could not recover from. 1-1.

The next game to finish was David Wallace, who drew his game to make the score 1½- 1½.

Alnwick then took the lead once more as Mike Trolan on board one finished victorious in his battle, which at one point looked to be heading for a daw. 1½- 2½

Ralph Firth won his game when his opponent ran out of time, while Ralph still had 15 minutes left on his clock. 1½- 3½.

A good win for Alnwick having played four games, won two, lost two, so far this season.

Results:1 K Cox 0-1 Mike Trolan; 2 A Johnson ½- ½ David Wallace; 3 D Mosse 1-0 James Pharoah; 4 C Gilroy 0-1 Ralph Firth; 5 R McKay 0-1 Rob McEwan.

The next league game is Alnwick v Forest Hall B, December 14.

Anyone wanting to play chess is welcome to come along to the club nights.

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