Chapel take chances

Alnwick I...0 Chapel Town...4

ALNWICK suffered a disappointing result in miserable weather against Chapel Town at home following the long Christmas break.

The visitors appeared unaffected by the adverse north east weather and from the first whistle they were straight on the attack, leaving Alnwick looking like they were still suffering the effects of the Christmas turkey.

Not surprisingly, the visitors managed to find an early goal.

Alnwick began to catch up with the pace, some excellent balls through from the back by Oates finding space but unfortunately not the front three.

Chances were created by the home side as Murray and Brown seemed to be creating problems upfront for the visitors.

However, the away side managed to put the ball in the back of Alnwick’s net once more and, with a Lincoln short-corner strike hitting the post, the half-time whistle left Alnwick chasing two goals.

Alnwick seemed to find their feet in the second half.

A lifted goal-bound shot from Cook was stopped by the hip of an unfortunate Chapel Town defender and one flew wide of the target by Britton, leaving Alnwick absent from the score board.

Despite many advances by Chapel Town being halted by some fierce defending by Allan and Horn and a fantastic display of goalkeeping by Graham, Chapel Town put two more on the scoresheet before the full-time whistle.

Alnwick: S Horn (c), J Oates, J Humphries, N Richardson, T Graham, E Brown, C Britton, R Murray, A Cook, L Lincon, R Allan, S Dawson, C Reed. Player-of-the-match: T Graham.

The team thanked match sponsor, John Bull letter draw.