Change of fortune indoors

Tynedale I...3 Alnwick I...3

Morpeth II...2 Alnwick I...7

ALNWICK moved indoors for a new venture that proved successful.

They played their first matches in the Newcastle Indoor League against Tynedale and Morpeth.

Despite Alnwick’s crash-course in the new 2011 rules from coach Fenwick and most team members having never played indoor hockey before, the team excitedly made their way for the late-night fixture at the Centre for Sport.

It was a slightly nervous and hesitant start for Alnwick as they adjusted themselves to the style of play. Tynedale took advantage and made the first goal of the evening.

It was not long before Alnwick gathered momentum in response and scored a flick over the line by Oates. Unfortunately, the umpires did not acknowledge this, denying Oates her first goal for Alnwick.

These goals broke the ice and the match thereafter continued with tremendous pace and opportunities.

The striking force of Graham and Horn seemed the ultimate combination as they put the ball in the back of the net, this time acknowledged in the scorecard. However, Tynedale made the most of their short-corner opportunities and despite super saves from goalie Frew and strong tackles from Hopkins, they got a couple of balls in the back of the net. This meant the score finished 3-3, with Horn claiming her hat-trick.

The second match against Morpeth, league winners last season, started with pace and the relentless movement from Graham and Horn making opportunities at the goalmouth.

This was reinforced by Hopkins and Oates attacking from defence, helping to add to the scorecard. The team got into a flow and gained in confidence as Frew commanded from the back.

This enabled Alnwick to make some more stunning goals, including a reverse flick from Graham and short-corners from Oates and Horn. Morpeth attempted to respond but only managed to score two goals from their attacking breaks, leaving the final score 7-2 in Alnwick’s favour, with Oates achieving a hat-trick.

It was a great introduction to the indoor season and left Alnwick feeling elated and hoping to carry the winning success into their outdoor matches.

Alnwick: T Graham, S Horn, J Oates, R Hopkins and C Frew. Match sponsor: Yorkshire Building Society.