Championships signed and sealed

THE season reached a climax last week with the A and B Division championships virtually signed and sealed in the North Northumberland League.

Alnmouth (Foxton) are champions elect in the A Divsion after their 7-5 victory at Bamburgh. Three points from their final game at home to Alnwick will be enough to clinch the title.

At the other end of the table, with two teams facing relegation, it’s a battle for survival between Alnwick on 50 points, Rothbury 49 and Magdalene Fields A 48. It’s all down to the last day of the season.

In the B Division, Seahouses defeated Alnmouth B 8-4 to clinch the title with Seahouses, Goswick B and Linden Hall tied for second place which will be decided on a play-off on Wednesday, August 17. It will take the form of a scratch Stableford event playing in three balls, with the team order set as per league rules. The team with the highest points total will be promoted.


Bamburgh 5 Alnmouth (Foxton) A 7

P Sanderson beat R Gander 1up; J Moffet sen lost to P Simpson 1down; M Dawson lost to J Eggleston 3 and 1; J Moffet jun halved with A Tate; C Forrest beat J Hood 3 and 2; A Smith lost to S Taylor 3 and 2.

Alnwick 6 Rothbury 6

G Ridley lost to M Dodd 2 and 1; W Belisle beat D Arkle 2up; D Harrison beat AT Oliver 5 and 4; D Swordy lost to C White 2 and 1; J Friar lost to M Arkle 3 and 2; S Barron beat A Richardson 2 and 1.

Dunstanburgh 6 Goswick A 6

M Carss lost to L Fairbairn 3 and 2; G Stephenson lost to A Potts 2 and 1; D Gilroy lost to E Wilson 5 and 4; N Cairns beat G Greenaway 2 and 1; S Potts beat M Landels 4 and 3; R Jamieson beat M Casey 3 and 2.


Linden Hall 6 Goswick B 6

N Rushworth beat M Wilson 1up; L Reeves lost to A Terras 2 and 1; P Cochrane lost to A Paton 3 and 2; L Cochrane beat K Turnbull 3 and 2; S Mackay lost to S Wilson 7 and 5; S Osborne beat M Jones 2 and 1.

Percy Wood 10 Magdalene Fields B 2

P Dixon beat N Deary 3 and 2; J Jobson beat S Young 2 and 1; J Nicholls beat W Baston 2 and 1; C Graham lost to N McLachlan 7 and 6; S Burrows beat M Colven 4 and 3; D Reay beat C Forster 2 and 1.