Cash bonus at bowling club

Alnwick Bowling Club

A NEW cash incentive is in place to attract new members to Alnwick Bowling Club.

Any member of the public, can apply to join and new members are being offered the first month’s play free to see if you are interested and then for the first year subscription will be £37.50, half the normalprice.

Alnwick is one of the oldest bowling clubs in the country, with one of the best greens in the north.

The new season begins on Saturday with the opening of the Alnwick Green in Dispensary Street at 2pm.

Anyone wishing to join is asked to contact David Quean on 01665 575443.

MKM Building Supplies on the Lionheart Industrial Estate, who have been a major sponsor for the club over a number of years, will again be sponsoring one of the main open events during the season.