Boulmer slip to home loss after poor final quarter

Alnwick and Boulmer Netball Club

Alnwick and Boulmer Netball played a closely-fought match against Astley recently.

There was little to separate the sides in the first quarter, which ended 5-5, with both sides demonstrating clean and quick play down the court.

The teams were equally matched during the second and third quarters with strong attacking play and excellent defence in the centre and goal thirds. Going into the last quarter, Astley were ahead 20-19.

But they picked up their game and caught Alnwick off-guard.

Despite continuing strong play from the home team, Astley extended their lead and won 30-24.

Alnwick and Boulmer: Anne-Marie Imeson, Holly MacKenley, Paula Archer (c), Heather Eggleston, Kate Imeson, Karen Robinson, Ruth Oldfield, Holly Eggleston, Rachel Convery, Tracy Boyd. Player-of-the-match: Heather Eggleston. Alnwick and Boulmer Netball Club is sponsored by A&J Scott.