Boulmer make better fist of home clash in narrow defeat to western rivals

Alnwick & Boulmer 32

Hexham 38

After Alnwick & Boulmer lost their away match to Hexham 51-11 a few weeks ago, they had a lot to prove this time around playing them on home turf – and the hosts definitely delivered in an extremely close game.

Alnwick & Boulmer came out fighting from the word go, showing Hexham what they were truly made of and looking determined as ever to avenge for their performance in the previous game.

Boulmer’s shooters showed great skill with some magnificent goals, while the defence’s strength meant there were many interceptions and turn-overs of the ball.

The first quarter was a well-fought battle between the two sides; the score at the end was 8-7 to Hexham, the home side only trailing by one goal.

Boulmer entered the second quarter with spirits high and very optimistic. The attacking play from Boulmer down the court was exceptional, which Hexham’s defence found difficult to prevent from leading to goals.

Boulmer were on top form and definitely looked to be a different team in comparison to their last match against the relegated League One team.

The score at half time was 20-18 to Hexham, still only a few goals separating the two sides.

In the third quarter, possession was equal between the two teams with the home side still holding their own and giving Hexham a good run for their money. The score leading into the final quarter was 27-24 to Hexham, a stark difference to the lead Hexham held at this stage in the teams’ previous match. Still all was to play for!

In the final quarter and final push for Boulmer, they showed great netballing class, passing beautifully around the court and into shooting territory. Boulmer reacted well to Hexham’s set pieces with immense pressure from tight marking making it difficult for Hexham to attack. Unfortunately Boulmer couldn’t quite make up the goals to claim a win, and the final score was 38-32 to Hexham.

However, Boulmer showed great netballing quality and really done themselves proud, proving they’re a team to be reckoned with.

Player-of-the-match: Rachel Convery (WA).

Alnwick & Boulmer: Anne-Marie Imeson, Paula Archer (c), Ruth Oldfield, Rachel Convery, Holly Mackenley, Heather Eggleston, Holly Eggleston, Sian Oliver, Jo Harris.

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