Boulmer in dominant form

Concordia 22 Alnwick and Boulmer 45

Alnwick and Boulmer dominated in their match at Concordia last week, resulting in a well-deserved win.

From the word go, Alnwick and Boulmer were in full control of the game, passing beautifully around the court and there was little that Concordia could do to break their possession.

Boulmer’s shooters proved to be a force to be reckoned with, scoring an immense amount of goals.

The score at the end of the first quarter was 16-3 to Boulmer, who went into the second quarter looking to extend their lead even further and maintain maximum possession.

Concordia battled, but excellent defending from the visitors meant possession was soon relayed back to Boulmer and goals scored.

At half-time, Alnwick and Boulmer led 27-9.

Alnwick and Boulmer continued to dominate in the third quarter, with excellent attacking play and strong shooting. The score leading into the final quarter was 37-6 to Boulmer.

In the final quarter, Boulmer’s shooters terrorised Concordia’s defence, while at the opposite end of the court, Boulmer’s tight marking pressurised Concordia’s shooters and left them with limited opportunities.

Boulmer extended their lead even further and their great efforts were rewarded with an excellent win.

Alnwick and Boulmer: Anne-Marie Imeson, Paula Archer (c), Ruth Oldfield, Rachel Convery, Holly Mackenley, Holly Eggleston, Jo Harris, Sarah Ayling. Player-of-the-match: Holly Mackenley (GD). Alnwick and Boulmer Netball Club is sponsored by A&J Scott.