Boulmer battle but fail to beat relegated club

Northumberland County Netball, Division Two

Hexham 51

Alnwick & Boulmer 11

Alnwick and Boulmer put in an excellent effort away to Hexham.

The hosts had only recently joined Division Two after relegation from the top division and so with Division One experience under the opposition’s belts, the match proved to be Alnwick’s most difficult yet.

In the first quarter, possession was even with many interceptions and turnovers from the Alnwick side, utilising the large court to their advantage.

The experience of Hexham meant set-pieces were quickly feeding the ball down the court and into shooting territory leading to goals. Hexham won the first quarter 11-3.

Alnwick were persistent in the second quarter and, aware of Hexham’s set-pieces, applied more pressure to marking the opposition.

Alnwick played the ball beautifully around the shooting D, resulting in some great, well-earned goals.

However, despite Alnwick’s efforts, the accuracy and consistency in shooting from Hexham meant an extension to their lead, the score at half-time being 23-7.

Into the second half, Alnwick again had equal possession of the ball with neither team dominating the third quarter.

Alnwick made some successful interceptions and demonstrated strong attacking play. However, it didn’t result in the crucial goals they needed to stay in the game. Hexham won the third quarter.

In the final quarter, Alnwick showed great stamina and determination, though even with this and the tight marking and pressure from defence, the sheer height of the Hexham players and shooting skill meant very little was to stop them from scoring goals. Alnwick battled to the end and the final score was not a true reflection of the equal possession they had throughout the game.

Alnwick and Boulmer: Anne-Marie Imeson, Paula Archer (c), Ruth Oldfield, Rachel Convery, Holly Mackenley, Holly Eggleston, Karen Robinson, Sarah Ayling, Jo Harris, Sian Oliver. Player-of-the-match: Holly Mackenley (GD). Sponsored by A&J Scott.