Big plans for Ricky’s fishery

Talking to my good friend Ricky Chatterton, who is the fishery owner at Caistron Fishery, west of Rothbury, he was telling me how grateful he is to all the anglers who have supported the fishery since he took over six months ago, writes Bob Smith.

Ricky plans to turn the East Lake into a specimen fly-fishing lake next season.

This means there will be no bait fishing at the fishery in the future.

Trout will be stocked in the new specimen lake from a minimum size of 5lbs to fish well in excess of 20lbs.

Ricky is also offering anglers a chance to be a member of Caistron Fishery.

For a cost of £500, people can have unlimited access to the lakes and the river beat.

Obviously, there will be restrictions to the number of fish that can be kept, but it sounds like a good deal for those anglers who want to fish regularly. If you are interested, give Ricky a ring at the fishery and talk it through in detail or check out the fishery website.

This week at Caistron, the lake has fished well particularly to dry-fly and especially daddies and sedges. The river beat has produced 11 salmon and three sea trout.

The best salmon was 14lbs and the best sea trout was 3lbs. One guy landed an 11, and two eight pounders, but also lost two more fish the same day. A lady angler landed two salmon and lost another five fish.

Successful flies have been small size 12 and 14s, Ally Shrimps and Cascades.

At Chatton fishery this Saturday, there is the third fishing for the Eddy Brown Memorial Trophy.

Eddy was a good friend, he was responsible for the creation and the digging of the Chatton Lakes.

I have to admit it does not seem like three years since we lost Eddy quite suddenly, but it is good to see his wife Alison working and helping out at the fishery so often.

The competition means that Chatton and Dunnydeer lakes will be used all day by the 40 anglers who have already signed up and places are closed. Other anglers can still turn up and fish the Ross Lake which has fished well recently.

The fishery will be closing at 6pm from Monday and will continue to do that until the clocks change.

Sweethope Lochs have found the trout to be deeper, although some have been taken on the top using hoppers and heather flies.

Best fish of the week was 4½lbs and successful flies fished deep were Buzzers and Orange Fritz.

What have I been up to?

I took Michael onto the Whiteadder river for a day.

The river was low but I knew there were salmon and sea trout there. It is getting late in the season and a lot of the fish are now well coloured but Michael is new to the salmon game and wanted to try.

He was surprised how far he could roll cast a spey line with a double-handed rod.

We saw a few small sea trout break the surface but had no takes. Michael did get a big surprise when a salmon, around 8lbs, jumped out of the water not three rod lengths from where he was standing. He had already covered the fish with the fly and did try again a little later but no interest was shown.

I’ve had three lessons at Chatton this week, one of which was cancelled because, not surprisingly, nobody was fishing in the gale-force wind and heavy drizzle. The following day, the Whiteadder had fallen even further so I decided not to take a client and friend.

As this river is a Scottish water, it is open all of November so I will take him up there next month, hopefully after some rain.

My course for youngsters at Chatton fishery during the half-term holiday has only two places left. If anyone is interested please book through the fishery. All contact details are on the fishery website. Hope to see you there.

Five appointments again this week, so life and fishing continues to be busy.