Around the golf clubs in Northumberland

Round-up of golf results and news.
Round-up of golf results and news.

Alnmouth and Alnwick both feature


4BBB Stableford: 1 D Appleby and L Kiggell 44pts; 2 B Keenan and S Strong 42; 3 I Wilson and T Miller 41.


Winter League: Following a blustery start in week one, week two dished up some very damp weather. In reverse order, as they say in all the best competitions, third was Lawrie Stewart who was heard to say during the previous week: “I haven’t played well all summer.” Well, it’s the winter now Lawrie and perhaps the tide has turned. Second was Guy Ridley, who historically doesn’t say very much during a round. That’s probably why he is so good because he is concentrating on his game. The winner for whom words sometimes even fail me, but nevertheless a very worthy winner was Arthur Wheatcroft. Well done to Alnwick’s very own number one Leeds United fan. Of the 39 players who turned out, only three scored twos, the aforementioned Guy Ridley and Lawrie Stewart and the ever-steady Gordon Johnstone. I guess that means at least these three will now be able to afford £10 to put to their presentation night tickets; the rest of you members get your golfing skates on as tickets are selling fast. Just as a reminder the date for this year’s extravaganza is Saturday, November 22.

Results (week two): 1 A Wheatcroft 40pts; 2 G Ridley 39; 3 LE Stewart 38