Around the golf clubs in Northumberland

Round-up of golf results and news.
Round-up of golf results and news.

Alnmouth, Alnwick, Bamburgh, Dunstanburgh, Rothbury, Percy Wood, Seahouses and Warkworth all feature


N Watson Millennium Trophy: 1 J Redpath 89-24=65; 2 A Stevenson 71-5=66; 3 D Weddell 70-3=67; 4 G Henderson 72-5=67; 5 D Inglis 74-7=67; 6 L Denny 78-10=68.

July Medal: 1 N Foggon 70-5=65; 2 S Richmond 75-7=68; 3 D Rutherford 89-19=70.


Captains Trip to Eyemouth: A smashing day out was had by the full coach of golfers who went from The Village and over the border, to Eyemouth. Winners of the main pairs competition were George Swordy and John Packard 44pts; 2 Dave Blythe and Malcolm Latto 42; 3 Richie Campbell and Jonny Blythe 41; 4 Marty Wilcox and Steve Hutchins 41. Winners of the two’s were Dave Blythe and Steve Yeadon with nearest the pin at third Richie Campbell and at the 14th Marty Wilcox.


Texas Scramble with Alnwick and Warkworth: 1 Marian Punton (W), Audrey Jones (W), Gillian Gordon (A) Viv Gough 75-9=66; 2 Penny Lewis (W), Jill Clark (A), Margaret Gray, Diane Boyle 76-9.2=66.8; 3 Kathleen Dalby (W), Diane Robinson (A), Eleanor Morgan, Edna Yeadon 77-9.4=67.6.

Centenary Rose Bowl and Medal: 1 Margaret Gray 93-17=76; 2 Joy Bisset 101-22=79; 3 Bev Harris 114-33=81.

Nine hole qualifier: Moira Allen 15pts.


Calvert Rose bowl: 1 BG Lamb 42pts; 2 G Baston 42; 3 B Farrar 42; 4 D Fachie 42.

Les Johnson Trophy (Seniors Strokeplay): 1 WR Jamieson 90-23=67; 2 RW Stevenson 82-20=69; 3 PT Lee 79-10=69; 4 CJA Donaldson 76-7=69.


Ladies Championship: 1 Gillian Gordon 87,88-175; 2 Lorna Tate 89,93-182; 3 Barbara Friar 96,94-192. Gillian won the Ladies Championship for the fourth year in a row, congratulations.

Hornsby Cup: 1 Susan Hogg 93-19-74; 2 Margaret Walton 90-15-75; 3 Lorna Tate 93-17-76.

Alice Fife Timepiece: 1 Tracey Friar 95-29-66; 2 Barbara Friar 90-17-73; 3 Lorna Tate 93-17-76.


Stopford Cup: Phillip Holmes 70-6-64; Peter Turnbull 77-12-65 (on last nine); R Taylor 75-10-65; Mark Dawson 67-1-66; Robert Turnbull 73-7-66; Ronnie Temple 86-20-66. Best gross: Mark Dawson 67.

Couves Goblets: Michael and Margaret Brett 38pts; John and Fiona Southern 36; Keith Whitfield and Susie McKeag 35.


RNLI Spoon and Medal: Winner Jill Hodge 80-13=67; R/U Julia Roxburgh 85-17=68.


President’s Trophy, EWGA and County Medal and SQ: 1 Joan Watson 107-26-78; 2 Dorothy Wilkinson 96-17-79; 3 Ann Camozzi 104-21-83.


Sponsor’s Day Trophy: 1 J White and Sons; 2 MKM Ltd; 3 Woodland Care.

Kenny Davison Necklet: 1 James Rollitt 43pts; 2 Andrew Richardson 42; 3 Alastair Oliver 38.

Jack Phillips Salver: 1 Eileen Clark 88-17=71; 2 Julia Stott 103-30=73; 3 Joy Henderson 96-20=76.


Rutter Greensome: 1 M Baggaley and M Athey 99-26-73; 2 A Arkle and D Falcus 108-23-75; 3 J Roxburgh and H Birkmyre 98-22-76.


Club Championship: Gary Hornsby retained the Club Championship on Sunday in an amazingly close contest, the leading three players separated by just one stroke. It is the second time he has recorded back-to-back titles. Scott Priestley, a previous winner, held a four-shot lead after an opening 68 but slipped to a 76 in the second round and finished one shot behind the winner and level with Simon Olver. The best nett went to 14-year-old Aidan Topham with excellent scores of 66 and 69 for 135.

Results: Club Championship (36 holes): Gary Hornsby 72 71-143; Simon Olver 73 71-144; Scott Priestley 68 76-144. Nett: Aidan Topham 66 69-135.

Rogerson Salver (18 holes): James Kidd 76-12-64; Steve Urwin 72-6-66 (on countback); Aidan Topham 75-9-66.


Open three man Texas Scramble: R Dixon (Longhirst), B Lumsden (Bedlington), J Brown (Rothbury) R Jackson (Rothbury) M Arkle (Rothbury) B Arnott (Rothbury) D Finlay (Percy Wood) J Mayfield (Foxton) I Harrison (Nc Utd). Thanks to all who played, all unclaimed prizes contact P Dawson.

Blue Bell Trophy: D Nolan 93-23-70; W Murray 98-27-71; W Cole 89-18-71.


The Coquet and the Island Trophies: With only the last three groups to finish, a biblical downpour flooded four greens and play had to be abandoned. Davie and Alan Stewart’s nett 65 and 67 were leading until the downpour. All scores below the CSS of 70 will stand for handicap purposes and the competition is re-scheduled for September. Ironically the greens cleared after two hours and a pleasant evening followed on the Links but alas too late.

This weekend sees the big event of the year, the Joe Shotton Memorial, where a large field is anticipated followed by the customary bash in and on the clubhouse. There are a few spots left on the sheet so pop in if you fancy a game.


Coquet Salver: 1 Louvain Wraith and Betty Black 75pts; 2 Joan Gray and Jean Hardy 76; 3 Marion Punton and Lynne Langlands 76.