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Round-up of golf results and news.
Round-up of golf results and news.

Alnmouth, Alnwick and Warkworth all feature


Easter Sweeps League (Week nine): Tough, very windy conditions didn’t put off a good entry but obviously affected the scoring with the following placings, joint 1 Davey Trotter, Colin Reid and Chris Fettis, all with 17pts; joint 4 David Fairbairn, Ian Simpson and David Hodge 16.

Easter Sweeps League (Cumulative): 1 Steve Forman 86pts; 2 Steve Lockley 85; 3 Davey Trotter 84; 4 Dickie Campbell 83; joint 5 Ritchie Campbell, Steve Yeadon, Russell Archibold and Joe Robson 82. So with two weeks left and with the best five scores to count, the competition is still fairly wide open for anyone to leapfrog on to the podium.

Seniors Easter Sweeps League (Week eight): 1 Dave Bayliss 19pts; joint 2 Bob Stephenson and Bob Boyle 18; 4 David Hodge 16; joint 5 Bob Hill, George Ridgeway, Russell Archibold and Jack Kidd 15.

Seniors Easter Sweeps League (Cumulative): 1 Bob Stephenson 69pts; 2 Bob Boyle 67; 3 Steve Lockley 66; 4 Dave Bayliss and Geoff Smart 65; joint 6. Bob Hill, David Hodge and Jack Kidd 63. As with the men’s on Sundays, this competition is also very close and with two weeks to go, anything can happen.

Seniors Easter Sweeps (Order of Merit): Bob Stephenson 38pts; 2 Steve Lockley 36; 3 Geoff Smart 33; 4 Dave Hodge 29; joint 5 Bob Hill and Bob Boyle 27.


Winter League: The 19th and final week of the Winter League was heralded by a bright gusty morning which sent scores tumbling from previous weeks. Faring the best in the more than slight breeze was Kenny Darlow who clocked up his third victory of the winter, his fine par equalling score of 36pts in the testing conditions was two shots better than nearest rivals Malcolm Clear and Jimmy Cookson, whose third place was no less than his ninth top 10 finish.

The best gross score of the day was a noteworthy 32pts by Wayne Belisle who ended the winter on a handicap of +2. Forty-one players turned out to contest the final week and it was 2015 club captain Duy Lam, who had the only two of the day at the second hole, scooping the whole pot for himself.

Those hoping to see the final tables of the winter league competitions will of course have to be at the clubhouse on Sunday for the various presentations as it is being kept a closely-guarded secret until then by match secretary Steve Barron. Full details will of course be in this column next week.

Winter League (Week19): 1 KW Darlow 36pts; 2 M Clear 34; 3 J Cookson 34.


Bisque Par: Members played a Bisque Par, a format where the player rather than the card decides where to take handicap shots. Alan Jamieson had clearly surveyed the course well and knew where his shots would be of most value as he turned in a +4 score to take the prize.

Results: 1 A Jamieson +4; 2 M Beverley +3; 3 C Mallaburn +1 (Back six); 4 G Wales +1. The 2s club was shared by J Morton, N Holden and J Allison. This coming Sunday, sees the Club’s first Winter Open. The higher than anticipated number of entries has meant additional tee times and members are reminded that the first tee is now reserved from 8.30am to 3.30pm