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Round-up of golf results and news.
Round-up of golf results and news.

Alnmouth, Alnwick, Rothbury and Warkworth all feature

Alnmouth (Fox)

March Texas Scramble: 1 D Glyde, A Fraser, P Rolfe, W Wilson 60-5.1=54.9; 2 S Inglis, S Taylor, M Lowes, D Inglis 61-3=58; 3 R Gander, D Lillico, G Merryweather, D Scott 60-1.9=58.1.

Alnwick Castle

Les Cooper Memorial Trophy: 1 CJA Donaldson, M Bell and K Murphy 82 pts; 2 BG Lamb, CD Routledge and DF Havery 82; 3 I Hogg, Alan Dodd and Andrew Dodd 81.

Winter League final results – Order of Merit: 1 W Belisle 86pts; 2 CW Jobson 64; 3 G Ridley 57, 3 CJA Donaldson 57.

Zecca Gross Eclectic: 1 G Ridley 58; 2 W Belisle 60; 3 CJA Donaldson 61, 3 B Farrar 61.

Zecca Net Eclectic: 1 Andrew Dodd 55pts; 2 M Inglis 54; 3 M Bell 53pts. Our thanks go to Zecca of Amble, who so generously sponsored the 2013/14 winter eclectic competitions. Dates to note for forthcoming events are the Race Night on Saturday, March 29, The Open Texas Scramble on Saturday, April 5, and last, but not least, notice is given that the club agm will be held on Wednesday, April 16, at 7.30pm in the clubhouse.


Three Club Competition: 1 S Sheehy; 2 A Robinson; 3 P Arkle.

Warkworth (L)

Mary Powell Competition: Winner: L Wraith.

Winter Ecletic: 1 K Dalby; 2 L Langlands; 3 J Gray; 4 B Black; 5 V Clark; 6 G Turnbull.