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New Lady Captain  Heather Newton  with colleagues at  Alnwick Castle Golf Club.
New Lady Captain Heather Newton with colleagues at Alnwick Castle Golf Club.

Alnmouth, Alnwick, Bamburgh, Belford, Dunstanburgh, Percy Wood, Rothbury and Warkworth all feature

Alnmouth Vill

The Seniors Three Club Stableford: Resulted in a low scoring four-way tie, 18 points being the best that Geoff Smart, George Ridgway, Bob Boyle and Peter Egdell could muster.

The P&N Smith Trophy: Andy Stanton won his second trophy of the year after success in the Jeff Covell Trophy at the start of the season, leading scores were: 1 Andy Stanton 73-4=69; 2 Steve McKee 77-7=70; 3 Neville Holden 74-4=70; 4 Spencer 87-17=70; 5 Jamie Jobson 76-5=71; 6 Bob Boyle 84-13=71.

Peter Braidford Memorial Cup: Is on June 14, and the starting sheet is up in the clubhouse. As usual it’s a four-man Texas Scramble Open Competition and everyone is welcome to either come down to the clubhouse and reserve your team’s tee-time or phone the club between 11am and 1pm any day.

Alnmouth Vill (L)

Callers Qualifier and Medal: 1 Bev Harris 107-32=75; 2 Eleanor Morgan 93-17=76; 3 Barbara Clark 97-20=77 (after countback from); 4 Pat Addy 102-25=77.

Douglas Bowl and Medal: 1 Barbara Clark 92-20=72; 2 Joy Bisset 98-21=77; 3 Diane Boyle 102-73=79 (after countback from); 4 Viv Archibald 107-28=79.

Alnmouth (Fox)

Spring Meeting: 1 Cadogan Medal, M Kilmister Gross 69, Wilson Snuff Box, L Kilmister Gross 70.

Spring Tankard: L Kilmister 70-0=70.

Watson Cup: D Inkster 82-17=65.

Overall: D Inkster 82-17=65; 2 Jim Hunter 85-19=66; 3 D Jackson 86-18=68; 4 L Denny 87-19=68; 5 N Garside 85-16=69; 6 G Richer 88-18-=70. Alnmouth (Foxton) are running Ladies Get into Golf coaching sessions from Friday, June 7, for four weeks. They will start at 5pm and cost £20 for the four week course. To book a place call PGA professional David O’Brien on 07814117135j

Alnmouth Fox (L)

Coronation Foursomes: 1 Ally Hansen and Lorna Keen 34pts; 2 Mandy Turner and Lucy Betteridge 31; 3 Margaret Little and Lesley Grey 31.

Alnwick Castle

May Medal: 1 T Greaves 79-13=66; 2 LE Stewart 87-20=67; 3 CJA Donaldson 76-8=68 (on back nine). Twos: S Barron; R Holding; E Jury; KW Burn.

Pacitti Cup (Nett): A Straughan 210; LE Stewart 212; M Smith 217.

Howdens Cup (Gross): B Farrar 263; CJA Donaldson 241; S Barron 242.

Net Eclectic: A Dodd 53; LE Stewart 53; M Smith 52.

Gross Eclectic: M Smith 65; D Swordy 65; D Harrison 65; S Barron 65.

Seniors Friendlies: A great start to the season under the captaincy of Bob Chalmers and the excellent organisational skills of Michael Bedford has seen the seniors win their first two friendlies against Ponteland and Foxton.

Alnwick (L)

Medal/Carter (Two): 1 M Lake 103-35=68; 2 B Friar 87-19=68; 3 L Tate 91-20=71.

Pairs Open 4BBB: 1 G Symons and V Symons (Newbiggin) 44pts; 2 L Tate and L Young (Alnwick and Bedlington) 44 (on back nine); 3 M Hately and S Brown (Alnwick) 43 (on back nine).

Ladies Open Tex Mex: Saturday, September 14, contact S Brown 01665 510239.

Bamburgh castle

Medal and National Playing Fields qualifier: Winner: Nicky Rose 75-4=71; R/U Sue Critchlow 99-25=74 (on the back nine from); Claire Whitfield 86-12=74.


J Williamson Cup: Secretary Michael Young found his form in Friday’s Twilight competition from Tina Smith and in the prestigious J Williamson Cup on Sunday Hugh Adair came out on top from Peter Turnbull. This weekend is the Marie Curie Stableford for Ladies and Gents. We are now offering for a fee of £120 membership until the end of October 2013.


Sutherland Memorial: J Barber and R Howcroft 74-9-65 (on count back); R Carr and M Richardson 85-20-65; M Brewis and J Delaney 76-9.8-66.2.

Dunstanburgh (L)

RVI Foursomes: 1 Alison O’Neill and Isabel Wright 31pts (on back nine); 2 Ann Camozzi and Dorotrhy Wilkinson 31 (on back nine); 3 Viv Waters and Lesley Wylde 31.

percy wood

Seniors Stableford: 1 Colin Wilson 35pts; JR Manson 35; M Higginbottom 34.

Seniors friendly: Percy Wood 2.5 v Burgham 3.5.

Percy Wood (L)

Stout Trophy: 1 Maureen Bageley 36pts; 2 June Dawson 35pts; 3 Hazel Rutter 34pts.


Ford Trophy: 1 James Rollitt 36pts; 2 Ian Arkle 35; 3 Alan Arkle 35.

President’s Cup (Round one): 1 Alan Coe 78-13=65; 2 Paul Arkle 76-5=71; 3 Mark Clements 76-5=71.

Soulsby Tankard: 1 John Henderson 75-11=64; 2 Stewart Foggon 88-22=66; 3 David Wood 79-12=67.

Rita Wade Trophy: 1 Eileen Clark 3up; 2 Debbie Finch 1up; 3 Julia Stott level.

Thelma Lamb Salver: 1 Anne Spence 35pts; 2 Gay Penn 32; 3 Carolyn Hilton 31


Captain’s Texas Scramble Trophy: Was contested on Saturday after a two-week hiatus at the Old Links and it was a one-horse race yet again. Team Baxter cantered in a full four shots ahead of team Elliott on another windy day. With greenkeeper Alan using his inverted-wok pin positions, the team of Daz Hindhaugh, Jayden Hindhaugh, Charlie Hindhaugh and Lee Baxter-Hindhaugh had 10 birdies in the round and fully deserved the title again. Ken Elliott, John Barclay and partners led for much of the day but were thwarted at the death. There were six twos, with Jack Hindhaugh stroking home two monster putts to collar a third share for his team.

Scores: Team Baxter-54.4; Team Elliot-58.4; Team Lawfirm-58.6.

Davison Cup: The next day saw the five-man Warkworth team overcome the much-vaunted Prudhoe team in the Davison Cup first round. The score of 3.5 to 1.5 was a credit to the never-say-die determination of the underdogs. The seventh round of the Friday Eclectic is this week – the prize pot in the 10-round winner-takes-all event is now £115 and rising with a 2s treble rollover of around £80 as well.

Warkworth (L)

Killie Bowl: 1 Betty Black & Jean Hardy 35pts; 2 Rosie Barrett & Denise Bell 33; 3 Penny Lewis & Jenny Lowther 32.

Open: 1 H Atkinson & G Mason 39pts; 2 A Wilkinson & K Smith 37; 3 J Clark & D Robinson 36 (on back six).

Nearest the pin: Carol Mair.

Two competition: J Carr & K MacFarlane; C Lamb & J Galbraith; A Pennington & C Ancaster; S Coughtrie & F Kidd.