Alnmouth (Foxton) Ladies

CORONATION Foursomes: 1 M Pickard, A Hansen 39pts; 2 M Howie, S Burton 37; 3 J Nattrass, P Smith 34.

Alnmouth (Foxton)

ACKLINGTON Trophy (4bbb): 62 R Gander and J Eggleston; 63 K Bell and R Slater; 63 Jim Storey and Jake Storey; 64 M Moult and I Long; 64 K Batson and J Rutherford.

Alnmouth Village Ladies

CALLERS Qualifier and Medal: 1 Joy Bisset 93-20=73 (on back nine) from; 2 Diane Boyle 94-21=73; 3 Lin Osgood 104-30=74; 4 Hilary Buckley 100-25=75.

Alnmouth Village

JW BROWN Trophy: 41pts RI Campbell; 40 JA Stanton; 38 I Simpson; 38 M McQueen; 36 G Clark; 36 N Holden; 36 K Dawson; 36 B Richardson. CSS 69.

Alnwick Ladies

MEDAL/Callers Q (May 3): 1 J Clark 98-29=69; 2 S Brown 97-26=71; 3 L Tate 92-21=71.

Bamburgh Castle Ladies

DRYBROUGH Cup: Winner: Hilary Hulley 79-9=70. Runner-up: Jill Hodge 83-12=71 (on the back nine) from Claire Whitfield (played 6.5.2011).

EWGA Medal plus Caller Qualifier: Winner: Alison Lambert 86-17=69. Runner-up: Jane Little 97-26=71. Caller representative: Hilary Hulley (played on May 4).


BUCKLEY Tankards: 42pts B Galbraith and TC Osborne; 40 (on last nine) P McDonnell and TW Robson; 40 J Dickinson and JHR Porteous; 39 RJ Reid and W Mordue; 39 J Moffet sen and RA Turnbull; 38 J Woodman and M Robson; 38 H Adair and G Hulley; 38 M Dawson and P Sanderson.

Dunstanburgh Castle

EWGA & County Medal Sutherland Qualifier & Callers Qualifier: 1 Susan Rayner 100-24=76; 2 Kathy Wilson 107-27=80; 3 Louise Tate 108-27=81.

Percy Wood Ladies

PARKER Cup: 1 Hazel Clark 88-19-69; 2 Julia Roxburgh 87-15-72; 3 Pat Fisher 95-23-72.

Meade Jewitt Trophy Seniors and Ladies Competition: 1 Alan Fisher and Lousie Kenney 100-27-73; 2 Colin Wilson and Hazel Rutter 94-19.5-74.5; 3 Kelvin Hird & Margery Athey 99-23-76.

Callers Qualifier, Medal 3: 1 Louise Kenney 107-36-71; 2 June Ormston 100-27-73; 3 Lisa Jarvis 88-14-74.

Percy Wood

YET another beautiful sunny day at Percy Wood provided ideal conditions for the Seniors May Medal.

This strokeplay competition can sometimes be quite an ordeal if you get off to a bad start, but not for club stalwart John Hendry, who recorded a net 69.

Results: 1 John Hendry 69; 2 John Thompson 70; 3 Bill Tarbitt 71; 4 Preston Scott 71.

The following day our ladies and seniors enjoyed a pleasant day on the course competing for the Meade/Jewitt Trophy a mixed 4BBB taking alternate shots.

Results: 1 Louise Kenny and Allan Fisher; 2 Hazel Rutter and Colin Wilson; 3 Marjory Athey and Kelvin Hird.

May Medal: Winner: A Dawson 97-23-74; Second: D Reay 86-12-74; Third: M Osborne 95-20-75.

JKO (One) Stableford: Winner: K Stewart 36; Second: S Burrows 35; Third: R Kenney 35.


MAY Stableford: 1 Alan Swann 39pts; 2. Gary Newman 38; 3 Phillip Gregory 36; 4 Dave Hebson 32.

Soulsby Tankard: 1 Ian Arkle 83-14-69; 2 Alex Stevenson 75-6-69; 3 John Stewart 89-18-71; 4 Willie Steel 99-27-72.

Seahouses Ladies

MEDAL no 5 (Tuesday, May 3) was won by Jean Bladen with 86-20-66. Second was Liz Ramsbottom with 92-26-66 and third was Anne Nicholson with 85-12-73.

Medal no 6 (Saturday, May 7) was won by Anne Locke with 78-7-71 followed by Val Sim on 87-14-73 and third was Eileen Robinson on 114-36-78.

The Spring Foursomes, which should have been played on Sunday, has been rescheduled for Sunday, May 29, when it is hoped the weather will be more favourable.


GAIR Cup: 71-5-66 K Wright; 88-21-67 P Purvis; 82-14-68 J Ramshaw; 88-18-70 M Banks; 82-12-70 S Baines; 88-17-71 A Beckingham; 80-9-71 G Preston; 75-4-71 SJ Priestley.

Warkworth Ladies

MAY Medal & Callers Qualifier: 1 K Dalby 88-22=66; 2 L Wraith 96-26=70; 3 C Douglas 89-18=71; 4 P Lewis 93-19=74.


RESULTS from the quarter-finals of the Thomas Lillie Memorial are: Les Johnson beat Paul Routledge 1up, Stuart Lowrey beat Stuart Brodie 5&4, Geoff Tong beat John Driver 6&5 and John Ewing beat Neil Tait 4&3. Semi-finals are on Sunday.

Anyone else wanting to play in Saturday’s Proctor and Makepeace Greensome must have their name on the list for the draw tonight.

In the ladies section, the Donald Smart trophy was won by Di Sim on 81-9-72 ahead of Sheilagh Curle on 88-16-72 and Susan Brown on 90-18-72, all on countbacks.

In the Ladies Open Tex Mex, winners were P Laidler, A Hansen, A Brown and J Moor on 62.8. Runners up were M Wilkinson, P Laing, L Flannigan and AWelsh on 64.2 and third were J Brown, S Wilkinson, P Tatters and D Sim on 65.8.