Angling results from Amble

Amble Sea Angling Club

Results for Sunday, October 7: Ian Harrogate, two cod, four flats, 5lb 1¼oz; Rob Newton, three cod, 4lb 1¾oz; Ken Middlemist, two coalies, one flat, 3lb 6¾oz; Andrew Taylor, four flats, 3lb 5¼oz; Ross Taylor (J), one coalie, three flats 2lb 12¼oz; Gav Lockey, one cod, 2lb 1oz; Craig Taylor, three flats, 2lb 0¼oz; Keith Dunn, two flats, 1lb 7½oz; Graham Bell, one cod, 1lb 3¾oz; Craig Middlemist, one coalie, 14oz; Emma Orkney (L), one flat, 10¾oz.

Heaviest fish: Gav Lockey, 2lb 1oz. Heaviest flat: Ken Middlemist, 1lb 3oz.

Results for Sunday, October 14: John Tweddle, eight cod, 10lb 6¼oz; Zac Aynsley, six cod, 8lb 5¾oz; Ian Harrogate, five cod, one flat, 7lb 6¾oz; Aaron White, three cod, 4lb 4½oz; Ken Middlemist, two coalies, one flat, 3lb 14¾oz; Les Weller, three cod, 3lb 14½oz; Jim French, two cod, one whiting, 3lb 7¼oz; Rob Newton, two cod, 2lb 12¼oz; Emma Orkney, two flats, 1lb 0¼oz; Tony Cook, one cod, 14¾oz; Jason French, one flat, 12oz.

Heaviest fish: Zac Aynsley, 2lb 1½ oz. Heaviest flatfish: Ken Middlemist, 1lb 2oz.

Any flatfish brought to the weigh-in must come in a bucket or fish bag with water in. Flatfish in polythene bags won’t be accepted.