Alnwick Sea Angling Club

Results for Sunday, Nov 4

Calm seas saw a decline in catches this week. Anthony Gibbison won the match with two cod for 7lb 8½oz. He also had the heaviest fish, a nice cod of 6lb 4½oz. Kevin Donnelly was second with a cod of 4lb 7oz.

Other anglers weighing in were: George Hornsby, one cod, 1lb 9oz; Adrian Hornsby, one,1lb 8½oz; Patrick Porteous, one coal, 1lb 4½oz; Paul Buddles, one cod, 1lb 3oz; Steve Scott, one, 1lb 2oz; Antony Abbott, one flounder, 9oz.

Next week is the start of the singles knock-out competition.

Amble Sea Angling Club

Results for Sunday, Nov 4

Andrew Taylor, eight whiting, 4lb 12¾oz; Rob Newton, one cod, one coalie, 3lb 15½oz; Jamie Dryden, five whiting, two flats, 3lb 9¾oz; Ian Harrogate, four coalie, 3lb 6½oz; John Tweddle, three flats, 2lb 11½oz; Melvin (jnr), four flats, 2lb 11½oz; Gordon Holland, one flat, one coalie, 1lb 8¼oz; Gary Arkle, one.cod, 1lb 5¼oz; M Rochester, one coalie, 1lb 4¾oz; Dennis Melvin, one flat, one whiting, 1lb ¼oz; Norma Urwin, one flat, 11oz; Craig Taylor,one whiting, 10½oz.H/flat: John Tweddle, 1lb 4½oz. H/fish: Rob Newton, cod, 2lb 12½oz.

Singles finalists, Sunday: Andrew Taylor, Rob Newton, Gary Arkle.