Alnwick Sea Angling Club

WITH only a slight northerly swell and very little colour in the water conditions were again not ideal for cod. However, some anglers did managed to catch a few fish.

Anthony Gibbison won the match with two cod and two flounders for 10lb 4oz, second was Micky Buck with a good cod of 6lb 11½oz which was also the heaviest fish.

Other anglers weighing in were Andrew Stanton, one cod, 4lb 12oz,; Steve Scott one cod, 2lb 7oz; Kevin Donnelly, two coal, fish 1lb 15oz; Davy Moss, two coal fish, 1lb 12oz.

Next Sunday will see the start of the singles Knock Out competition the draw will take place at the registration.

Amble Sea Angling Club

RESULTS: Ian Harrogate, seven white, six flats, 9lb 6½oz; Ashley Gray, one white, six flats, 6lb 10½oz; Craig Taylor, six flats, 6lb 2½oz; Ken Middlemist, two coal fish, five flats, 5lb 12½oz; Gary Stewart, seven flats, one white, 5lb ½oz; Keith Dunn, three flats, three white, 4lb 4¼oz; Adam Dunn, four flats, one white, 3lb 12oz; Jason French, three flats, two white, 3lb 10oz; Craig Falkous, one cod, one coalie, 3lb 3 ½oz; Jim French, three flats, one white, 2lb 9¾oz; Norma Urwin, four flats, 2lb 4¾oz; Paul Stone, cod, 2lb 4½oz; Eddie Ide, three flats, one white, 2lb 2¼oz; Gav Lockey, two coalie, 1lb 13oz; Darren Taylor, two flats, 1lb 7¼oz; Andrew Taylor, two flats, one white, 1lb 5¾oz; Jimmy Bullock, two flats, 1lb 3½oz; Tony Cook, two flats, 1lb 2¾oz; Gary Arkle, one flat, 13¼oz; Davy Laverick, one flat, 9¾oz; Ethan Marshal (jnr), one flat, 7¾oz.

Heaviest bag: Ian Harrogate, 9lb 6½oz. Heaviest fish: Paul Stone, (cod), 2lb 4¾oz. Heaviest flat, Keith Dunn and Ian Harrogate, 1lb 4¾oz

Voucher winner: G Stewart.