Alnwick Sea Angling Club

WITH a southerly swell running there was a good chance of fish last Sunday.

Most anglers were not disappointed and the improved sea conditions saw better catches.

Anthony Gibbison won the match with a good bag of six codling for 18lb 11oz. He also had the heaviest fish – a cod of 6lb. Second was Paul Buddles, who also had a good bag of five codling and one coal fish for 15lb 13½oz, and third was Willie Morton, with two cod for 7lb 3oz.

Other anglers weighing in were John Stephenson, one cod, one coal fish, 6lb 15oz; Dave Moss, two cod, 5lb 8oz; Steve Scott, one cod, 4lb 9½oz; Antony Abbott, one cod, 4lb 3oz; and Darren Ferrow, one cod, one coal fish, 2lb 2oz.

Amble Sea Angling Club

RESULT: Gary Arkle, three cod, 10lb 7½oz; Eddie Ide, one cod, one coalie, 5lb 9¼oz; Darkie Douglas, two cod, 5lb 2oz; Keith Dunn, five flats, one coalie, 5lb 2oz; Ian Harrogate, two cod, one coalie, 4lb 5¼oz; Ian Stewart, three cod, 4lb 2½oz; Stu Carr, one cod, one coalie, 4lb 1¾oz; Dave Laverick, two cod, 3lb 5oz; Shane Price, one cod, 2lb 15¼oz; J Davison, one cod, 2lb 6½oz; Colin Dawson, one flat, two whiting, 2lb 1¼oz; Zac Aynsley, one cod, 1lb 12oz; Jimmy Bullock, two flats, 1lb 8oz; Jason French, one coalie, 13¾oz; Jacek Juszczyk, one flat, 12¼oz; Norma Urwin, one whiting, 8¾oz.

Heaviest fish: Gary Arkle, 5lb 3¼oz. Heaviest flat: Colin Dawson, 15½oz.

Important message for all members: The monthly meeting for November will now be held on Tuesday 1, instead of Thursday 3, still starting at 7.30pm at the Radcliffe Club, Amble.