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Amble Sea Angling Club

RESULT for Tuesday, May 10: Jimmy French, five flats, 6lb 7oz; Jason French, seven flats, 5lb; Emma Orkney (L), five flats, 3lb 3½oz; Raffy Gray, four flats, 2lb 14oz; Gordon Holland (J), three flats, 2lb 3½oz; Shane Price, three flats, 1lb 9¾oz; Tony Cook, three flats, 1lb 6¾oz; Conor Gray (J), two flats, 1lb 2oz. Heaviest flat: Jimmy French, 2lb 7oz.

Result for Sunday: Gordon Holland (J), nine flats, 6lb 9½oz; Shane Price, eight flats, 4lb 3oz; Emma Orkney (L), three flats, 1lb 8¼oz; Jason French, two flats, 1lb 1¾oz.Heaviest flat: Gordon Holland, 1lb 11oz. The next competition is on May 29, fishing club boundaries, from 5pm to 9pm. Next after that is June 1, fishing from 6pm to 9pm, at Killikrankie.

Oddfellows Angling Club

HEAVY cloud, drizzle and blustery conditions greeted the Oddfellows Angling Club at the Watch Fishery (01361 890 331) on Sunday for the Proudlock Memorial Trophy.

Fishing from the bank, all 13 anglers weighed in having enjoyed great top of the water sport on floating and intermediate lines with fish being caught on smaller patterns and lures alike.

R Rhodes fished well, catching 12 fish with J Pringle close behind with nine, including the heaviest fish of the day, a cracker at 5lb 8oz.

But, it was a magnificent angling display from Davey Shotton that won the day with an outstanding catch of 24 fish for an aggregated total of 49lb 4oz.

Results: 1 D Shotton, 24 fish, 49lb 4oz; 2 R Rhodes, 12, 27lb 4oz; 3 J Pringle, nine, 20lb; 4 A Crow, nine, 18lb; 5 R Jobson, seven, 13lb 9oz; 6 R Thompson, four, 10lb 4oz; 7 W Taylor, five, 10lb; 8 P Halliday, three, 8lb; 9 D Patterson, three, 6lb; 10 R Angus, two, 4lb 4oz; 11 J Wilcox and G Wady, two fish each for 4lb; 12 D Taylor, two, 3lb 12oz.

The next competition is at Langley Dam on Sunday, June 19.