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Alnwick Sea Angling Club

ALNWICK Sea Anglers fished their last match of the winter league on Sunday and with only a slight northerly sea running most anglers headed for the sandy beaches in search of some sport with flounders.

Mick McMenamin won the match with five flounders for 3lb 5½oz; second was Ian Hall with a cod of 2lb which was also the heaviest fish.

Other anglers weighing in and full match results were: Mick McMenamin, five flounders, 3lb 5½oz; Ian Hall, one cod, 2lb; Anthony Gibbison, three flounders 1lb 11½oz; Steve McKee, three flounders, 1lb 7½oz; Willy Morton, one coal, fish 12oz.

Although Mick McMenamin won the last match he was unable to close the gap on the leader Anthony Gibbison who retained the winter league title.

Anthony who has had another very successful season won the winter league title catching 64 fish for a total weight of 147lb 1oz; runner up was Mick McMenamin who also had a good year catching 63 fish for 114lb 9½oz; third was Ian Hall with 39 fish for 103lb 15oz.

Final league standings: Anthony Gibbison, 64 fish, 147lb 1oz; Mick McMenamin, 63 fish, 114lb 9½oz; Ian Hall, 39 fish, 103lb 15oz; William Morton, 26 fish, 77lb 10oz; John Stephenson, 26 fish, 74lb; Paul Buddles, 24 fish, 63lb 1½oz; Kevin Donnelly, 18 fish, 48lb 3oz; Steve Scott, 14 fish, 44lb 3oz; Steve McKee, 21 fish, 28lb 12oz; Mickey Buck, nine fish, 28lb½oz; Steve Ayling, 12 fish, 16lb 6½oz; Scott Howie, six fish, 15lb 9oz; Antony Abbott, five fish, 11lb 11oz.

This season’s trophy winners are Anthony Gibbison, who won the Winter League title, most consistent angler, singles knock out and heaviest fish (cod 8lb 6oz).

William Morton won the Marathon.

Paul Buddles won the heaviest basket (26lb 9½oz). Kevin Donnelly won the Mick Hayes Memorial Trophy and Ian Hall won the Specimen Fish Trophy with a pollack of 5lb 10½oz.

A presentation evening will be held on Saturday, March 19, full details still to be finalised.

Amble Sea Angling Club

IAN Harrogate clinched this season’s club championship, narrowly beating Andrew Taylor into second place.

Results: Andrew Taylor, seven flats, 4lb 7½oz; Raffy Gray, seven flats, 4lb 6½oz; Ken Middlemist, four flats, 3lb 1½oz; Craig Middlemist, four flats, 2lb 13¼oz; Les Weller, five flats, 2lb 9¾oz; Jimmy Bullock, four flats, 2lb 9½oz; C Pye Taylor, five flats, 2lb 8oz; Jack Punton (J), three flat, 2lb 7½oz; Ian Harrogate, two flats, 1lb 13¼oz; Tony Cook, three flats, 1lb 12½oz; Ross Taylor, (J), two flats, 1lb 6¼oz; Norma Urwin, two flats, 1lb 4¾oz; Jacek Juszczyk, two flats, 1lb 1oz; Callum French (J), one flat, 11oz; Jimmy French, one flat, 6½oz.

Heaviest flat fish: Ken Middlemist, 1lb 4½oz.

The summer league fixtures will be arranged at the next meeting tonight, at the Radcliffe Club, Amble. The meeting will start at 7.30pm.

Members who will be fishing in the summer are invited along to add their suggestions for fishing times and venues. New members are most welcome.