Anglers reel in last of season

Sea angling club results and news.
Sea angling club results and news.

Alnwick Sea Angling Club

This winter has been another good season for cod with most anglers catching good numbers of fish regularly throughout the season.

Sunday’s match was the last of the season and with a southerly sea, there was a chance of some cod.

Again, a good number of anglers weighed in, although the numbers and size of fish were down on previous weeks.

Winner of the match was Mickey Buck with three cod for 4lb 15½oz, which also included the heaviest fish – 2lb 5oz.Second was Anthony Gibbison with two cod for 3lb ½oz. Third was Willy Morton with two cod for 2lb 5oz. Other anglers weighing in were Ian Hall, one cod 1lb 15½oz,Paul Johnson, one cod 1lb 14oz, John Stephenson one cod 1lb 5½oz, Daniel Frater, one cod 1lb 4oz, Roberto Peruzzo, one flounder 14oz.

As the season progressed, the league came down to three anglers catching good numbers of fish and were close right up to the last match. All three anglers ended up with excellent weights for the season, but it was Willy Morton who came out on top having to produce a personal best of 63 fish for 159lb 2½oz to take the title and become winter league champion. Runner-up was last season’s winner Anthony Gibbison with 73 fish for 150lb 5oz and third was Steve Scott with 54 fish for 143lb 10½oz, Other final league positions were:

Mickey Buck, 39 fish 87lb 3½oz, John Stephenson, 30 fish 74lb 5oz, George Hornsby, 30 fish 67lb 5½oz, Andrew Stanton, 31 fish 66lb 10½oz, Roberto Peruzzo, 27 fish 64lb,Ian Hall 33 fish 56lb,Kevin Donnelly 26 fish 53lb 13½oz,Steve McKee 18 fish 50lb 9½oz,Antony Abbott 27 fish 43lb 10oz,Daniel Frater 22 fish 38lb 1oz,Paul Johnson 15 fish 34lb 13oz,Andy Brown 16 fish 30lb 8½oz, Clive Miller, 12 fish 26lb 14½oz, Steve Ayling, nine fish 11lb 7½oz.

This season saw 525 fish caught for a total weight of 1,158lb 8oz. The trophy winners for this season were Willy Morton, Winter League winner, marathon winner; Anthony Gibbison, most consistent angler, heaviest basket (33lb 13oz), heaviest fish (9lb 8oz) winner; Steve Scott, Singles Knockout and Mick Hayes Memorial Trophy winner.

The presentation evening will be at the Plough on Saturday, March 7, at 7.30pm.

Amble Sea Angling Winter League

Results, February 8, and 15: G Sphuler, two cod, 10lb 1½oz; I Harrogate, one cod, four flats, 6lb 12¾oz; G Holland, two cod, 5lb 6½oz; C Pye Taylor, three cod, 3lb 12oz; P Embleton, one cod, 3lb 3½oz; G Lockey, one cod, 2lb 10½oz; N Nyberg, one cod, 2lb 1¾ oz; G Arkle, one cod, 1lb 10¼oz; P Nyberg, one cod, 1lb 9¼oz; E Marshall jnr, one cod, 1lb 6oz; Fluff Anderson, one flat, 6oz.