Alnwick defeat Medics in well-fought battle

After a 4-2 defeat against Durham Uni last week Alnwick were fired up to go and bag a win against Medics 1st team.

With a squad of only 12 Alnwick knew it would be another struggle. From the word go the pressure was piled on and within 10 minutes of the first half Alnwick were 2-0 up thanks to Cook.

A few minutes later Britton went down with the run of play due to a knee injury. Alnwick were now on 11 players and no subs so the pressure was on even more.

After some hard work from the midfield of cook, Allen, Murray and Oates Alnwick managed to keep attacking play against Medics. The ever so slick defence of Richardson, Reed, and Payne kept Medics’ quick breaks at bay but they managed to get lucky before half-time (2-1).

The second half saw a change of formation for Alnwick to try and shock the Medics. This tactic worked and Medics saw themselves on the back foot. Pettifer was proving problematic for Medics with her quick stick work and smooth 1-2 passes with Murray, Snaith and Broom. Some attacking play from Richardson, Oates and Broom saw Snaith in prime position to score the third goal of the game (3-0)

Within minutes the attack was on again from Murray and Allen, and Snaith was in the right place again to make it 4-1. Pettifer was on a role, constantly beating the Medics’ defence and had several chances by herself with Broom also being extremely close.

Pettifer than managed to seal the deal with a goal round the back of the keeper. Alnwick had this game in the bag until 30 seconds before the final whistle when Medics got lucky with a shot from outside the D making the final score 5-2.

Alnwick have a double-header next weekend with a match on Saturday and Sunday.