A splashing time after downpours

Bob Smith's angling column (www.bobsmithflyfishing.co.uk)
Bob Smith's angling column (www.bobsmithflyfishing.co.uk)

The weather changed this week and we experienced some wet stuff – rain! The temperatures dropped, and the swallows have disappeared, writes Bob Smith.

The rain freshened the rivers and immediately new fish were seen to enter the Coquet system. Numbers of sea trout in the ten to 16-pound class have been spotted working their way up the lower reaches.

A five-pound grilse and a sea trout were taken on the High Park area of the Federation stretch.

Elsewhere, good numbers of salmon have been caught on private beats where prawn and shrimp baits have been used successfully. The Caistron beat saw a rise of 18 inches of water and a salmon was hooked almost immediately, but was unfortunately lost. More rain is predicted so hopefully the salmon guys will have more success soon.

On the still-water scene, the drop in temperatures has seen more trout coming to the anglers’ nets as they begin to feed on the fry in the margins.

At South Linden, the best bag was 15 in an eight-hour session. All these fish were taken on white lures.

One guy had five trout in two hours using a Greenwells Glory. Best flies here have been cat’s whisker, a yellow dancer and bloodworm.

Best bag at Sweethope was eight fish with the heaviest fish weighing four pounds. Successful flies at this water were black dries, hoppers and buzzers.

Thrunton Fishery had a 15lb trout caught this week as the bigger trout are beginning to show in the catch returns as autumn approaches.

Best bag here was eight trout as conditions changed almost every day. The Eyewater Club held a competition here and it was won by B Thompson. Successful flies this week on this water were damsels, CDCs and Shipman’s Buzzers.

I coached at Thrunton twice last week with Ed and Aidan from York and then again with Colin from London. They all enjoyed their sessions, with Ed and Aidan catching five fish.

We got two on pheasant tail nymphs, one using a diawl bach and another two on a white and orange Lure.

Colin was more interested in learning how to cast as he had never fly-fished before.

He did rather well casting overhead and shooting line off both his right and left shoulders. We spent a short time at the end trying to hook a trout, but it was difficult and we were not successful.

Chatton Fishery reports more trout are coming to the net with lures accounting for more fish. Quite a number of trout weighing four to six pounds are being recorded.

As conditions change, it is reflected in the successful flies used. One day, a guy caught 12 trout, all on dry-fly.

Ray, from Widdrington Station, had one of my vouchers bought for him as a retirement present as he wanted to take up fly-fishing for his retirement. He had a super session, casting well and catching three trout.

All his fish were taken on a black buzzer, two from Ross Lake and the other from Dunnydeer Lake.

Photographs of Ray and Aidan can be seen on the gallery page of my website, www.bobsmithflyfishing.co.uk

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