A game of two halves sees Amble secure the victory

Alnwick and Boulmer netball team, sponsored by Scott of Wooperton
Alnwick and Boulmer netball team, sponsored by Scott of Wooperton
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Amble B 29 Alnwick & Boulmer 19

Northumberland County Netball, Division Two

Alnwick and Boulmer played away to Amble B last Thursday in a game of two halves.

In the first quarter, the teams were evenly matched with equal possession of the ball and shooting opportunities.

Despite Alnwick and Boulmer’s strong attacking play into the goal third, their efforts didn’t amount into as many goals as they could, and Amble won the first quarter.

Alnwick and Boulmer dominated the second quarter.

Pressure from the defence meant Amble struggled to extend their lead, while great interceptions and turnovers from Boulmer resulted in successful attacking play down the court and a flurry of goals for the away side.

Alnwick and Boulmer had found their feet in the shooting circle and were making up for lost efforts in the first quarter. They won the second quarter, the score at half-time 12-9 to Alnwick and Boulmer.

Amble came out fighting in the third quarter and both teams worked hard to try and make a strong attack at goals. Amble this time were the victors.

In the final quarter, much like the first, possession was equal and both teams were attacking and defending well. However, it was Amble who gained the necessary goals to secure a win.

Final score, 29-19 to Amble.

Alnwick and Boulmer: Anne-Marie Imeson, Paula Archer (c), Ruth Oldfield, Rachel Convery, Holly Mackenley, Holly Eggleston, Karen Robinson, Sarah Ayling, Sian Oliver. Player of the match: Karen Robinson (GK). Sponsored by A&J Scott.