A close-run encounter

Alnwick II...5 Tynedale...4

ALNWICK Seconds started the game with an assured confidence.

There was lots of quality passing throughout the team, which led to the first goal, scored by L Brown, crossed into the D by G Pettifer.

The game flowed well with two further goals in quick succession by G Pettifer.

The game then abruptly came to a halt as the opposition’s goalkeeper was left reeling in pain after numerous falls to the ground.

This enabled Alnwick to have a team talk. They managed a few more strikes but to their dismay, the half-time whistle blew.

Another team talk and Alnwick were even more pumped up.

However, Tynedale’s strength had grown and they passed Alnwick’s defence, scoring three.

The teams were neck and neck. The tension was building on the pitch and on the sidelines.

Alnwick’s willingness and agility got them back on top. Lincoln skilfully used some reverse stick moves and the ball was in the net.

Alnwick knew another goal was required to secure a win but Tynedale scored again, making the teams level again.

With only a few minutes left, pressure to score was growing. A sudden spurt of energy propelled Alnwick to the top of the pitch and, to everyone’s relief, E Straker shot and scored. The end of the match arrived. Alnwick were glad to have won the battle and deserved the success, a real team effort.

Alnwick: C Frew, A Lincoln, C Nixon, R Hopkins, G Pettifer, E Straker, L Brown, E Young, S Fairburn, J Fornear, J Broom, K Leung, L Taylor. Player-of-the-match: A Lincoln.