You no longer need planning permission to build house extensions in England

Many families throughout England may be considering extended their house in order to have more space - but planning red tape means restrictions for homeowners.

However, the Government has now overhauled the rules which used to require people to put in a full planning application for single storey rear work.

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Single storey rear extensions

The new rules cover single storey rear extensions of up to four metres high and up to six metres extended from semi-detached or terraced homes. Detached houses can get an extra eight metres of space added.

These government guidelines were introduced on a temporary basis five years ago, and more than 110,000 extensions have since been completed.

Prior to 2014, planning applications had to be made to local councils for this type of extension. It could sometimes take months for a decision to be made, and applications also required an upfront fee.

Although these guidelines were due to expire soon, due to their popularity they have now been made permanent.

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These government guidelines were introduced on a temporary basis five years ago (Photo: Shutterstock)

Rules and regulations

Although those planning single storey rear extensions can now do so without permission, building regulations and health and safety standards still have to be adhered to.

Furthermore, any larger extensions of between four metres and eight metres for detached houses, and over three metres and up to six metres for all other houses will still require a neighbour consultation. You will also have to notify your local planning authority about this.

Housing minister, Kit Malthouse, said, "These measures will help families extend properties without battling through time-consuming red tape."

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The rules elsewhere in the UK

You don't need planning permission for single storey rear extensions that are under four metres high and don't go back further than three metres for terraces, and four metres for other properties, in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

In Wales, single storey extensions must not extend beyond the rear wall of your house by more than four metres, and they can’t exceed four metres in height.

This article was originally published on our sister site, Yorkshire Evening Post.