You can pick up the new iPhone 12 mini for an up-front cost of just £27 from Three

The iPhone 12 mini is the cheaper younger brother of their remarkable iPhone 12 Pro, but considerably less expensive. Nevertheless it's technical specs are almost as impressive, and it marks a huge leap forward from the 11 in terms of design, speed, and camera performance.

The screen has moved from LCD to the infinitely clearer OLED, which makes for sharper contrast, brighter colours, and deeper blacks. Protected by the new 'Ceramic Shield', it is being heralded as drop-proof - so no more cracked screens.

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Boasting two cameras (the 12 Pro has three), reviewers have celebrated the iPhone 12's capabilities to correct poorly composed photos: colour correcting where lighting conditions are poor, and switching to night mode automatically to allow gorgeously lit pictures even when the light is dimming.

It also has a new bionic processor, the latest and fastest of Apple's proprietary chips. In layman's terms, this makes for seriously fast processing times, and no more crashing apps.

From today until the 15 November, 3Mobile is offering the iPhone 12 mini 126 GB for the upfront cost of £27, then £45pcm for 24 months. Their frankly impressive plan allows for 100GB per month, unlimited calls, and unlimited texts.

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