You can get a free milkshake from McDonald’s today - here’s how

You can get a free milkshake from McDonald’s today only (Thu 15 Jan), as part of the company’s January giveaway.

The offer, which started on January 4 and runs until January 26 2020, will give customers access to 24 deals in 23 days.

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So far this month, the fast food giant has given away free McMuffins, free fries, and sold Big Macs for 99p.

Now, from 11am on Thursday, McDonald’s outlets in the UK are handing out free medium sized milkshakes and Coke Zeros - without customers needing to order anything else.

How to get a free milkshake

To get the deal, you need to download the free McDonald’s app on your phone.

Once you have downloaded it, you can order the free drink when you are in your local branch of McDonalds - or while you are on the way to it. The deal won’t work if you are ordering McDonald’s from UberEats, and it ends at midnight.

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You should be able to claim your free milkshake or Coke Zero at almost all of McDonald’s 1,200 outlets in the UK, except for 28 which have not been added to the app yet.

McDonald's UK marketing director, Ben Fox, said, "We’re excited to offer customers 24 deals over 23 days to brighten up the month of January.

"The daily deals are exclusively available through the My McDonald’s App, which also enables our customers to beat the queue, enjoy table service, customise orders and remember their favourite orders."

Big boost

Executives at McDonald’s will hope that their massive January giveaway helps drive a surge in downloads of their app.

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After a difficult few years in an increasingly competitive fast food market, the US giant has radically altered the service it offers customers.

Now people can get McDonald’s delivered to their homes by UberEats, can get it on the go at a drive-thru, or order on their phones and pick up at the restaurant. Customers can even order in-store and have their food delivered to them at their table by staff.

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