You can apply to work at MI5 with no previous experience - here’s how much it pays

Ever fancied yourself as the next James Bond? This could be your opportunity, as the UK’s intelligence agencies are looking for applicants.

MI5, MI6 and GCHQ are hiring - and applicants don’t need any previous experience.

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The three intelligence agencies work against everything from cyber threats and terrorism to sabatoge and espionage. The current vacancies are for new Vetting Officers, who could be based in three locations.

What’s the job - and how much could I earn?

Vetting Officers work across all three agencies to select, retain and support crucial staff.

“As an accredited Vetting Officer, whether you are meeting new starters or working on internal matters, it’ll be your job to assess an individual’s suitability to hold vetting clearance,” the official job advert explains.

Candidates can earn an annual salary of £38,656 in London, or £36,729 in Manchester or Cheltenham. The role requires candidates to “deliver high quality vetting decisions and recommendations to ensure that they support the delivery of an increasingly flexible and dynamic workforce of the future.”

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What does the job require?

The agencies are looking for candidates who are able to build a full picture of who someone is, and is at ease at encouraging open conversations. Individuals must be organised and confident in making decisions, as they will be managing several cases at once.

A university degree or previous experience is not required. However, the job advert does say, “You will need a degree of life experience.”

The recruitment team will complete an application sift and successful applicants will be invited to a telephone interview to check you have the potential skills and motivation to work for the intelligence agencies.

If successful, applicants will then be invited to an Assessment Centre to further explore their skills. Those who progress beyond that will be given a face to face interview.

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No discussing your application

As exciting as the role sounds, you might have to keep the news of your application to yourself, as the official job advert asks for discretion.

“Discretion is vital. You should not discuss your application, other than with your partner or a close family member,” it states.

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