Warning to gardeners to check for wildlife before mowing

Vets are calling for gardeners to check their lawns for wildlife before they mow, following the sad tale of a hedgehog which died after being injured in a garden.

With summer seemingly on the way, Britons may be getting outside to tidy up for the first time following the long winter.

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However, cases like the unfortunate animal in Sheffield, which lost three toes and had a badly injured foot after being caught in a mower, are likely to be common across the UK unless gardeners check before getting out their garden tools.

Despite best efforts the hedgehog died of his injures on Thursday.

Natalie Wilkinson, a veterinary assistant at Beech House vets in High Green, cared for the injured hedgehog.

She said: "Hedgehogs are rarely seen during the day. If they are seen out during daylight hours there is often something wrong. Don't leave them, gently scoop them up under their tummy using thick gloves and put them in a high sided box or cat carrier somewhere safe and quiet.

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"A heat pad or hot water bottle should be placed under a blanket (water from tap not a kettle so it's not too hot). Pop some cat/dog (meat based not fish) food onto a flat piece of cardboard so the hog can eat easily.

"A water source should always be available. Most vets treat injured or sick hedgehogs free of charge and can offer advice on hedgehog rescues."

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