This is when benefit payments will be made over the May bank holiday

Friday, 28th May 2021, 3:44 pm
Payments from the DWP have been brought forward due to the bank holiday (Getty Images)

The May bank holiday means that if you receive benefits the next payment will be different from usual.

The holiday takes place on May 31 this year, meaning that the payment will be made earlier by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Tax credit and child benefit claimants are among those who will receive their benefits early this month.

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When will I receive my benefit payment? 

Benefit payments due later this month have instead been paid on May 31.

Bank holiday payment dates 

Bank holiday: 12 July 2021 Payment date: 9 July – Northern Ireland only

Bank holiday: 2 August 2021 Payment date: 30 July – Scotland only

Bank holiday: 30 August 2021 Payment date: 27 August

Bank holiday: 27 December 2021 Payment date: 24 December

Bank holiday: 28 December 2021 Payment date: 24 December

Bank holiday: 29 December 2021 Payment date: 24 December – Northern Ireland only

Bank holiday: 3 January 2022 Payment date: 31 December

Bank holiday: 4 January 2022 Payment date: 31 December – Scotland only

When do children get time off school in May?


There are 343 local authorities in England and some may have slightly different dates when their pupils should return to school, this might depend on teacher training days.

The proposed term date when children break up for the May half term generally falls Friday 28 May 2021, six weeks after their April term started. The school gates will reopen on Monday, 7 June.

You can check school holiday dates on your local council website by entering your postcode into the checker.


In Scotland, the holiday dates are a little different and could differ depending on city councils.

Generally speaking, children will get one day off on May 3 and then two more days off later in the month on May 28 and 30.


In Wales, pupils have up to a week off, after breaking up from school on Monday, 31 May. Depending on inset days, children will head back to school about a week after breaking up.

Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland children have two days off throughout the month of May - which are the two bank holiday dates on May 3 and May 31. Although, schools have the discretion to take a number of staff training and school development days.