These are top tips for training your dog at home

While pet ownership can be rewarding, it is a big responsibility and training your new pet is often challenging even when the nation isn’t living in lockdown.

With people unable to attend training sessions or seek face-to-face behavioural advice, this is how you can train your pets at home.

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Start at homeThere are fewer distractions so your pet can really focus on the commands you’re giving them. Once they are confident with the commands in the comfort of their own home, slowly start to introduce distractions.

Punishment won’t work ... everPunishment will only teach your pet to be scared of you and can lead to aggressive behaviour. Instead, use your pet’s favourite treats to reward all wanted behaviour and ignore unwanted behaviour.

Keep sessions shortDon’t let your dog get bored, otherwise, they won’t listen to your commands. Make sure to keep your training sessions to around 10-15 minutes to ensure they are productive for both you and your pet.

Be consistentWhen you are inconsistent with your training, you will confuse your pet and may accidentally reinforce undesired behaviour. Make sure you only reward your pet when they perform the desired commands and stick to your household rules.

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SocialisingIf your new pet hasn’t been able to have its injections, you can show them the outside world from the window, letting them hear traffic noises and watch the postman.You can carry your pet outside, so if you live in an urban area let them see other people and dogs. If you live in a rural area, introducing your pets to farm animals is a great way to get them used to other animals.

Have a little patienceYour pet will be continually learning during its lifetime and it is important to keep up with their training.A perfectly trained pet does not happen  overnight.

The advice was drawn up by pet food brand Webbox.