These are the UK cities with the most dog-friendly public transport

A report by apartment rental company Essential Living, revealed that the London Underground was the most dog-friendly subway in the world, coming ahead of the Tokyo Metro and the Madrid Metro.

But which other cities in the UK have transport systems equipped to accommodate our four-legged friends?

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The most dog-friendly cities in the UK

After London, Sheffield, Newcastle, Liverpool and Blackpool were found to have the most options for travelling with your dog, based on the carriage of animals or cost of a ticket for a dog.

In Sheffield, Newcastle and Liverpool, dogs are allowed to travel on trains, buses and the metro system for free. While, in Blackpool, doggy travellers must pay a fee of 60p for a single ride, £1 for a 24 hour pass, and £5 for a seven day pass.

Transport for London (TFL) tops the list as the most dog-friendly transport system in the UK, with dogs allowed to travel for free on all methods of public transport, including the London Underground.

The least dog-friendly cities in the UK

Manchester was found to be one of the least dog-friendly cities, with bus networks there charging a fee of £1 to travel with your pet. The Metrolink has a blanket dog ban (apart from guide dogs) while Northern Rail is the only part of Manchester’s transport network to allow dogs to travel for free.

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Over 1,000 people have supported a petition for the Manchester Metrolink to allow dogs to travel on the network, but Transport for Greater Manchester (TFGM) has stated that there are no current plans to relax the rules.

Other cities found to be the least friendly for dogs include Glasgow, Nottingham and Birmingham, with dogs not permitted to travel on the metro in all three cities.

In 2016, more than 1,000 people signed a petition calling for a relaxation of the rules on bringing dogs on board the Glasgow Subway.