These are the places which people rarely ever clean

A new survey has revealed the parts of our homes which are hardly ever cleaned - and it's shown some surprising statistics.

The poll of 1,748 British homeowners and renters looked to identify the parts of the home they 'rarely' clean just once every three to six months as well as ‘never’ consider cleaning.

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It showed that 77 per cent of us rarely clean light fixtures, with 72 per cent only very occasionally wiping down shoe racks and 68 per cent infrequently washing curtains or dusting blinds.

And despite the unpleasant odours and stains that can come from spilled food and drinks, six in ten people clean the inside and outside of their fridge just only once every three to six months.

Forty-one per cent do not regularly vacuum underneath or behind heavy furniture ; and 44 per cent leave months between making the inside and outside of their microwave spotless.

Ivan Ivanov, managing director of End of Tenancy Cleaning London, which commissioned the survey, said: “We all know cleaning is an integral part of the home owning and renting experience, yet, it seems to daunt many of us - particularly, due to the time and effort required.

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"Many of us end up putting it off or are occupied by a ton of other responsibilities.

"This research carefully highlights the aspects of the home that Brits either rarely or never clean. Whilst some may come as no shock, others are highly surprising – given how frequently they are used every day.

"Brits certainly need to take a more proactive approach towards cleaning all sections of the house rather than just the essentials. Doing so, will enhance the aesthetics of the home and facilitate a more organised living environment”.

The places that are never cleaned...

As well as those areas people rarely use a duster on, the survey also looked at which parts of our homes we never clean.

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Eighty-two per cent said they never bothered to clean their air vents; 75 per cent fail to ever give their grouting a good scrub; and 71 per cent don't ever wipe their remote controls.

Door handles are another feature of the home we touch on daily basis, yet 67 per cent confess to never cleaning them.

Moreover, bins see a lot of household waste each day and could create the perfect breeding ground for a whole host of bacteria. Despite this, 44 per cent shockingly never see bins as a household object they should consistently be washing with hot water and soap.

And the reasons given for this lack of cleaning? Those surveyed said the biggest barriers were long/hectic working hours (30%), children taking-up spare time (26%), find cleaning tedious/unappealing (19%), too many social commitments (17%) and relying/hoping someone else will do the cleaning (8%).