Should schools reopen on 1 June? Have your say as unions demand assurances for teachers

While the government has called for primary schools to reopen on 1 June, parents and unions are asking for assurances of safety.

Recently, we asked readers from across the UK about their experiences of lockdown and what they want to see prioritised as restrictions are eased.

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When asked how comfortable they would be with their children returning to school in early June, most - 44.65 per cent - said they'd feel "not at all comfortable" with the idea, while 19.27 per cent said they'd feel "not very comfortable".

Just 17.43 per cent said they'd feel "very comfortable" with the idea.

Well over a quarter of respondents (34.52 per cent) said that re-opening schools should be a priority when coming out of lockdown, however.

Yet this was dwarfed by other priorities, which were deemed as more important. A total of 67.39 per cent said visits to family and friends should be prioritised, while having more mourners at funerals was seen as the next biggest priority, with 43.27 per cent selecting it.

Now that the education secretary has officially announced plans to have primary schools re-opening on 1 June, we want to know what you think. Vote in our poll below to have your say.