Paul Mescal and Emmett Scanlan star in new Channel 5 drama The Deceived - here's the full cast

(Photo: Channel 5)(Photo: Channel 5)
(Photo: Channel 5)

A new drama filmed in Northern Ireland which was penned by the screenwriter behind Derry Girls has debuted on Channel Five.

The Deceived was created and written by Lisa McGee along with her husband, actor Tobias Beer.

Here's everything you need to know:

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What is The Deceived about?

The Deceived follows the story of Ophelia Marsh, who falls desperately in love with her married lecturer Michael, seeing in him all the answers to her needs.

When he mysteriously disappears, Ophelia tracks him down to his home in Ireland, where she discovers that his wife, successful author Roisin, has died in a fire.

She also meets builder Sean, who is set to become her confidante – and Ophelia is really going to need someone to talk to as her situation gets ever more complicated, and she’s left doubting her own sanity.

The show has been described as " a sinister narrative of lust, manipulation and betrayal," a drama which mixes the thriller genre with elements of romance and a ghost story.

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Who stars in it?

The show's central character is Ophelia, who is played by Emily Reid.

It's Reid's first major television role, although she may be familiar to viewers through her time playing Sophia Trenchard in ITV's period drama, Belgravia.

Love interest Michael is played Emmett J Scanlan of Peaky Blinders fame, while Roisin is portrayed by Catherine Walker, who has appeared in Shetland and Versailles.

Builder Sean is played by rising star Paul Mescal, who began filming The Deceived just two days after finishing his first-ever TV role, Normal People.

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Who wrote it?

As mentioned, The Deceived was created and written by Lisa McGee along with her husband – the actor Tobias Beer.

Explaining the departure from the humour of Derry Girls, McGee said: “I was a playwright then started writing television drama and sort of side stepped into comedy which is now what I’m most known for.

“For me it’s just about absolutely loving the project – writing something you’d like to watch. You never know if it’s going to be successful. You just pray some people watch it and enjoy it.

“I discovered writing The Deceived that there were similarities with Derry Girls, the challenge of creating an authentic world, constructing a scare isn’t a million miles away from constructing a joke – both require the viewer to have a physical reaction."

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Where was it filmed?

The series is set across Cambridge in England and in County Donegal in Ireland, but was it actually filmed there?

Buildings in Belfast were used in place of The University of Cambridge for filming, including Queens University and Campbell College in Belfast, as well as Killyleagh Castle in Country Down.

In the show, Knockdara House is Michael and his wife Roisin’s home - in reality, Holestone House in Doagh, Northern Ireland stood in for the fictional location.

Spreading out further, the village of Knockdara itself was portrayed by Killough village in County Down - including Killough church for Knockdara church.

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Further filming locations included Sandford Avenue, Belfast, and filming shoots for exterior shots also took place in both Cambridge and Donegal.

When can I see it?

The first episode of The Deceived aired at 9pm on Monday 3 August at 9pm on Channel 5.

That episode is available to catch up on through Channel 5's on demand service, My5.

Subsequent episodes of the four-part drama will be broadcast at 9pm every night until 6 August.