Microsoft reveals a new Xbox One controller for disabled players

Microsoft has unveiled a brand new Adaptive Controller for its Xbox One console, that will allow for greater accessibility into gaming for disabled players.

The controller is designed for those who are unable to use a standard gaming controller through limited mobility, and is fully customisable.

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It comes with two large programmable buttons, and an array of 3.5mm jacks that can be connected to joysticks, buttons, and switches to suit the specific needs of anybody.

The controller features two distinct buttons that can be operated with hands, elbows or feet, and can be placed on the player's lap, a table, or the floor.

Add-on devices like bite switches, foot pedals, and touch-sensitive pads can then be connected through the central unit's many ports, and allow for near limitless configurations.

Using an app on the console, players can tweak and customise their setups further to allow them to enjoy their favourite games as fully as possible.

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The controller can be affixed to a wide number of mounts, and the Xbox One co-pilot feature - which lets two controllers be used as one input - means players will be able to create a setup with the Adaptive Controller and a "traditional" controller.

'Versatile and effective'

The controller was developed in collaboration with Special Effect, a UK-based charity that aims to enhance the quality of life of those affected by disabilities through the escapism of video games and technology.

The various features of Microsoft's Adaptive Controller (Image: Microsoft)

'Creating complex game control setups for people with severe disabilities takes time, care and specialist expertise,' said SpecialEffect Founder and CEO Dr Mick Donegan in a press release.

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'With so many factors to be considered - comfort, safety, positioning, equipment selection and mounting - this product provides a terrifically versatile and effective way of connecting our game setups to the console.'

The controller is set to go on sale later this year, and will cost $99 (£73.50). It will also be compatible with Windows 10 PCs.

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