Married at First Sight is looking for contestants - here’s how to apply

Are you still trying to find the one? If you’re running out of luck, steam or patience, now could be the chance to shake up your love life and try your hand at spontaneity.

Married at First Sight is returning to our TV screens for a brand new series, and producers are looking for willing singles from around the UK to take part. The sixth series promises to be “bigger and bolder'' than past instalments.

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Successful contestants could be set to have their own dream wedding with a luxury honeymoon. The show is scheduled to be recorded in spring 2021.

What is the show about?

Married at First Sight is based around a social experiment, proposing that science can help find true love.

Singletons willing to try their luck, if selected, will be helped by a world class team of experts who will find their perfect match.

The programme sees couples matched “scientifically” by a panel of experts. Once matched, they next see each other minutes before they marry, and then go through a period of time living together.

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Couples who decide to become legally wed will have cameras follow them through the first weeks of their relationship, as they share their honeymoon and daily lives with a complete stranger.

According to programme creators, the last series saw three out of the four couples successfully stay together.

How to apply

If you are keen to feature on the next season of Married at First Sight, you can apply through the show’s audition website.

The application process requires applicants to fill out a profile, answer a questionnaire, and submit a short video answer.

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Applicants must be 18 years or older, and not currently work in television or the film industry. They must also agree not to discuss their application publicly, including on any social media platforms.

For any other queries on the process, email [email protected]