Keeping beloved pets safe during firework season

Fireworks can be stressful for dogs (Photo: Woofles Ltd)

Fireworks can be stressful for dogs (Photo: Woofles Ltd)

Make sure your pet is kept safe

With big Bonfire Night events expected in many private gardens this year, dog owners will be aware of the distress that loud bangs and flashes can cause to their pets.

Diwali, Christmas and New Year fireworks can also be just as stressful for animals.

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Plan ahead

It is important that dog owners plan ahead and ensure they have considered ways to keep their beloved pooch safe and calm.

A word from Blue Cross

Animal behaviourist at national pet charity, Blue Cross, Claire Stallard, said: “With fireworks season upon us, Blue Cross is urging people to consider the devastating effect they can have on pets and people and to be considerate of their neighbours this Bonfire Night.

“Some 25 per cent of UK households are planning to have fireworks at home this year due to the cancellation of organised events. We know only too well the fear and distress fireworks cause to pets, with 70 per cent of owners reporting their pets being affected – trembling, being physically sick and being too frightened to leave the house for days after.

“We would urge people to let their neighbours know if they’re planning to have fireworks, and also use low-noise fireworks and sparklers this year where possible, for the sake of pets and people who may struggle with them across the country.”

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For a non-working dog, loud bangs, flashing lights and unusual smells of explosives can be very unnerving.

Woofles Ltd give sound advice

Kat Waterhouse, founder of Woofles, which specialises in safe and comfortable dog accessories, said: “We hope that firework season passes without anxiety for you and your dogs, but if you are concerned and think you require more support, your vet or local dog behaviourist will be able to support you in ensuring that you provide the best possible solution in this understandably stressful situation.”

Korina Stephens, from natural health company, nutravet, said: “Preparing in advance for the fireworks is always a good way to ensure this time of year is stress-free.”