iPhone users offered £54 refund for slow iPhones

Apple has announced a refund for some customers who bought replacement batteries for iPhones to improve their device's performance.

Last year, Apple admitted that it had slowed down the processor speeds on some older iPhone models, in an attempt to protect the health of the phone's battery.

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The tech giant said that purchasing a new battery would solve the problem and last December, offered replacement batteries - for the iPhone 6 or later - for £25 instead of the regular £79 price.

That deal runs until the end of 2018 - December 31.

However, 'early adopters' who bought a battery replacement earlier in 2017 will have paid full price - hence the credit offer, which only applies to people who purchased the out-of-warranty battery replacement between January 1, 2017 and December 28, 2017.

It's worth bearing in mind that the offer only applies to anyone who had their battery swapped out at an authorised Apple service location '“  an Apple Store, Apple Repair Centre, or Apple Authorised Service Provider.

Eligible customers should receive an email from Apple between May 23 and July 27 this year.

The refund be in the form of a credit to the card used to pay for the battery replacement.

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