If your fitness resolve is starting to flag - power through, it's worth it

If your New Year resolution is to exercise more, you’re certainly not alone. A recent study from Comres found that 38 per cent of people want to do more to get fit in 2018, making fitness our top New Year resolution.

Unsurprisingly, this increase in New Year motivation sees more and more of us signing up to the local gym.But if you’ve not been in a while, you would be forgiven for jumping off that pink cloud before the first of February.

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“The biggest mistake people make when joining a gym – particularly in the winter months – is to actually stop going,” explains Israel Rivera, Head of Group Exercise at Virgin Active.“When it’s cold and dark, it can be easy to make excuses and skip a workout – I find the simplest strategy is to plan and commit to your workouts.

“Taking too much time off from your workouts can ruin months of hard work. Being disciplined and accountable to your fitness commitments is a good strategy to keep up the good work even on colder days.”Winter weather can be an easy deterrent for not sticking to your workout routine, so having discipline is essential for staying positive and motivated.

“While your fitness routine should be tailored to your own goals and your body’s needs, the key is to stay with what works and what will keep you dedicated and disciplined, especially with the temptation of skipping a workout during the holiday season,” Israel advises.

“Keep it simple. Stay dedicated. Stay disciplined. The key to year-round fitness is to develop an exercise routine you enjoy and be consistent.”

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Staying disciplined can be difficult though – especially after a long day at work when you do not want to set foot near a gym.

Buddy up

But there are ways to keep your motiviation up, so if you struggle with an early morning run in the rain, Israel recommends having a fitness buddy which can prove to be a “powerful influence” on your workout routine.


He says: “I hate to admit that I’ve slept in a few times on my workout buddy, who never let me forget it. It’s heart-wrenching – for me at least – to not honour the faith that my workout buddy has placed in me.

“It forces me to treat my fitness goals with the same sense of urgency. Workout buddies are a powerful influence. They provide support, accountability and motivation. Sometimes, they offer a little friendly competition. Mine keeps me honest in every sense of the word when it comes to staying true to my fitness goals.”

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There is nothing wrong with wanting to work out alone though, but if you need that extra push, then exercising with a personal trainer will encourage you to stay on track to reach your fitness goals.

However, if you prefer to go it alone on your workout, a fitness training app could be the perfect solution to keep you motivated and on track.

Couch to 5k, for example, is fantastic place to start and will help you regain confidence and have you pushing yourself to becoming a happier and healthier you in 2018.

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