How the pandemic is changing the way companies are recruiting

Employers are changing the way they find the best candidates during the pandemic (Photo: Shutterstock)
Employers are changing the way they find the best candidates during the pandemic (Photo: Shutterstock)

Employers have a fresh recruitment challenge in the pandemic world – attracting the right candidates in a swamped jobs market.

Susannah Shields, head of recruitment advertising at JPIMedia, says that the unique situation in 2020 is forcing everyone to adapt.

“Many people are finding themselves unexpectedly looking for work, which is a double-edged sword for employers with vacancies. You’ll have access to even more talent than ever before, but may find yourself inundated with unsuitable candidates.”

She says careful messaging is one of the best ways to get your advert seen by the right people.

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    1. Be positively inviting

    You need to be obvious, engaging and inclusive. Start your job advert with the words “We’re hiring”, or “Come work for us”. Right away, people will be drawn to your advert.

    2. Be human

    You are not just filling a vacancy, you are recruiting a person to join your team. Make your advert people-centric, emphasising your positive attributes as an employer – family friendly flexibility, free healthcare, free parking etc – as well as covering the role itself.

    3. Be Covid aware

    People are cautious at the moment – if you are doing interviews by video, say so. If in person, reassure people regarding the safety precautions you will have in place on the day, such as sanitisers, PPE and social distancing.

    4. Don’t be shy

    Unless there’s a good commercial reason for being discreet, make sure you put your company branding on your advert – let it raise your brand profile while attracting new recruits.

    You also need that message seen by the right people. For some, an in-paper print ad is what is required. For others, a digital package, including online adverts, smart listings and screening services will be needed.

    Susannah added: “JPI Recruitment can do much more than simply run an advert for you. We offer a dynamic service where you can update your advert and have it live within minutes, track and manage your applications and screen the applications too.

    “Our fast service gets your vacancy live in the right places and seen by the right people.”

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