Here's why Elon Musk is telling people to delete Facebook

If you can't see the video, watch it here.

Elon Musk has publicly denounced Facebook, encouraging his followers to delete their accounts on the social media platform.

The entrepreneur tweeted using the hashtag #DeleteFacebook, simply adding "it's lame".

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Musk replied to an earlier tweet by Sasha Baron Cohen, who blasted Facebook with a lengthy comment on Facebook's control of social media:

"We don’t let 1 person control the water for 2.5 billion people. We don’t let 1 person control electricity for 2.5 billion people. Why do we let 1 man control the information seen by 2.5 billion people? Facebook needs to be regulated by governments, not ruled by an emperor!"

This isn't the first time that Musk has tweeted about Facebook, in 2018 he said the social media giant "gave him the willies" after he deleted all Tesla and Space X Facebook pages.

It’s not a political statement and I didn’t do this because someone dared me to do it. Just don’t like Facebook. Gives me the willies. Sorry.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 24, 2018

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Why are people concerned about Facebook?

Facebook has been involved in numerous data leaks and cyber attacks including the infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The social media titan has dominated the market since it was founded in 2004. It now holds more than 2.5 billion people's data - over 30 per cent of the worlds population.

Facebook has also been criticised for its inability to police hate speech, politically targeted advertisements, and spreading misinformation.

The popularity of Facebook has led the company to heavily use artificial intelligence and digital algorithms to operate the platform - leaving it vulnerable to hackers.

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However, Musk believes that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburgs knowledge of AI is "limited".

Elon Musk was a co-founder of PayPal - and as an entrepreneur and inventor he is the founder of the private space exploration firm Space X and electric car company Tesla.