Here's what to name your baby if you want a big earner in the family

New parents want to give their baby the best start in life and one of the first decisions they have to make is what to name them.

What you call them is hugely important as it’s something your little treasure will carry with them for the rest of their life.

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How upsetting would it be for you if your offspring hated their name so much that they changed it by deed poll?

Names for babies can be influenced by many factors - pop stars, film heroes , place of conception or even favourite fruit.

Car themes

Morgan has emerged as the favourite car-inspired name for both boys and girls.

According to research, a baby’s name can influence how wealthy the little bundle of joy will become in later life.

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Top Gear legend Jeremy Clarkson will be particularly smug to learn that a study of car-inspired names found that boys named Jeremy will scoop the largest salary at £46, 447.

Swiftly following are those named Stanley (£44,327) and those inspired by NASCAR racer Richard Petty. In fact, boys with the name Richard are expected to earn an estimated £43,073.

Losing out

Unfortunately, baby boys named after Formula One racer, Michael Schumacher will earn a lot less at £38,663.

Likewise, parents should avoid taking inspiration from The Allen Automobile or Henry Motor Car Company. It’s estimated boys named Allen (£38,006) and Henry (£37,185) stand to earn a lot less too.

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Girl power

Research found that girls with the name Liz will scoop the biggest salary at £38,792. Proving that GT endurance and Sportscar racer Liz Halliday is a popular inspiration.

Following swiftly are Melanie (£31,411) and those inspired by famous British sports car brand Morgan. In fact, Morgan might be the most popular car-inspired name for girls and boys - but it’s also worth an estimated £31,050.

Unfortunately, baby girls named Holly - a variation of the Holley Motor Car Company - will earn a lot less at £25,801.

The report was compiled by using Adzuna’s Value My Name tool.

(Photo by Misfire Studio/Shutterstock).

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