Here’s how to stay safe on your first visit back to the pub

Thursday, 2nd July 2020, 1:16 pm
Updated Thursday, 2nd July 2020, 2:42 pm
Businesses are busy getting ready to open and setting up some essential Covid-19 safety measures. (Credit: Shutterstock)

Three months have passed since pubs across the UK closed their doors, but, following new government guidelines, the hospitality industry in England is set to restart from 4 July.

With many eager to return to their favourite pubs at the weekend, businesses are busy getting ready to open and setting up some essential Covid-19 safety measures.

But which safety measures will be in place, and what can you do to keep yourself and others safe if you go out for a drink?

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CleanedUp, a company that provides hand sanitising services, has listed the ways our pub experiences could change going forward.

Newly introduced pub safety measures

One of the safety measures we are likely to all see upon our return to the pub is table service rather than letting customers queue at the bar to be served.

Upon arrival, customers will also need to ‘check in’ or register their visit using their contact details and ID. This is to help the track and trace system find people who have been in close contact with an infected party.

It is expected that the bar area will have a protective shield, while hand sanitiser will be placed by the tills and other areas that pose the most risk, such as food preparation areas, card machines and tables.

There will also be numerous hand sanitising stations, such as those seen at supermarkets and train stations already, located at entrances and exits. Similar to shops, floors will most likely be marked out with stickers and posters will be displayed with clear information and guidelines for customers to follow.

Cleanliness will be a top priority with cleaning procedures likely to occur hourly.

How can I stay safe on my first trip back to the pub?

Below are five ways you can ensure your own safety during your first trip back to the pub, according to CEO of hygiene stations company, CleanedUp, Hugo Tilmouth:

Stick to social distancing rules

The new guidelines state that people must keep at least one metre apart. However, if you can remain two metres apart, then all the better as this is the most effective way of preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Pubs may help to enforce social distancing measures such as providing one metre floor markers to make it clear where you’re supposed to stand and keeping some tables empty to further separate groups of people.

Use the hand sanitiser stations provided

Government guidelines advise that frequent hand washing is the most effective way of preventing the spread of coronavirus.

But this might not always be convenient when you’re popping in for a drink while out and about, so hand sanitisers are a quick and easy alternative to hand washing, and provide an unbeatable solution for minimising the spread.

Stick to the signage and guidelines provided on the floors and walls

Take note of the one-way systems, posters and signage asking people to wash or sanitise their hands, cover their mouth when they cough, and sneeze either into a tissue or their arm if necessary. Remember, each pub is different and may have different rules - so it’s worth taking note at each venue you visit.

Bring a face mask with you

It is currently essential to wear a face mask on public transport, so if your journey to the pub involves a bus or a train, then you will need to wear one.

However, to be extra safe, you can pop your face mask back on when walking through the bar, going to the toilet or ordering at the till.

Monitor your own health

Monitoring your own health is a vital part of protecting yourself and others.

Whilst it’s exciting to be stepping foot in our beloved locals again, if you’re feeling slightly under the weather then its best to stay at home.