Here are 7 top tips for lawn care - and when you should mow it for the best results

Cutting the grass may sound like a simple task.

With the lawn looking a little unkempt, simply give it the once over with the lawnmower. Sorted.

That’s one way of doing it, but there are so many more things you could be bearing in mind.

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There are ways of doing things that will keep your grass in better nick in the long run, and as everybody’s got a little more time on their hands these days, now is the perfect opportunity to try them out.

Here are seven top tips for a happier lawn:

Service your lawn mower regularly

The first step to having a healthy lawn, is to have a healthy lawnmower.

Keeping its innards clean and free from the build up of any clippings is an easy way to keep your machine ticking over nicely.

But once a year, it’s worth getting your mower serviced regularly, looking for chips on the blades, and checking whether they’re still sharp.

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Blunt blades can actually damage your grass, bruising it instead of giving it a nice, clean cut.

Adjust the regularity of cuts during the year

Grass grows at different rates throughout the year, so it stands to reason that the regularity of your trims should vary too.

Grass needs cutting less frequently in early spring, but you may need to mow twice weekly when growth rates peak in late spring.

Cut your grass to the right height

Unlike an efficient haircut, you don’t actually want to get your money’s worth (or ‘mowney's worth’) and take your grass as short as possible with each cut.

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The ideal height for lawn grass is are 2.5cm – 4cm tall, though if you have the patience, different lengths should be utilised in different areas of your garden.

Patches that get more wear and tear should be left longer at around 4cm – 5cm, while shaded section should be longer still, at 7cm – 8cm.

Set your blades to the right height

To get that perfect grass blade height, you’ll want to adjust the cutting height of your mower.

People can often neglect to do this, but if you want to be proud of your lawn’s luscious leaves, it’s a must!

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Mow only when it’s dry

Who hasn’t exuberantly taken on a lawn cut, only to find their mower quickly clogging up with damp cuttings.

Your first mistake? Giving the lawn a trim while it’s not dry.

Not only could the mower jam, but it will also smear and rut the soil, with wet grass clippings clumping and smothering the lawn.

Aim to only mow when both the grass and soil are dry.

Put the clippings to good use

You can compost your grass clippings of course (though you’ll want to mix them with carbon-rich ‘brown’ material to avoid slimy compost, but in the summer, you should leave the clippings on the lawn to retain moisture.

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Have fun!

Mowing the lawn needn’t be the arduous chore you’ve treated it as all these years.

Experiment while you’re out there with heights, stripes and all sorts of finishes.

You could even leave areas to grow free if you want to encourage wildlife into a secluded corner! Have fun with it.

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