General Election 2019: how the newspaper front pages look today

As the country wakes up to the results of the third general election in five years - and the largest Tory majority since the 1980s, here is what the national papers are reporting.

The Daily Mirror: 'Nightmare Before Xmas'

Picture: Daily Mirror

The Mirror's front page has the headline 'Nightmare Before Christmas' - the paper endorsed Jeremy Corbyn.

The Times: 'Election poll points to Johnson landslide'

Picture: The Times

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The Times headline states the poll results simply and reflects on the biggest Tory victory since Thatcher, and the worse Labour for 80 years.

The Sun: 'The dog's bollox'

Picture: The Sun

The Boris Johnson-supporting Sun's headline reads: 'The Dog's Bollox - a 'crushing' victory for Bojo with a majority of 86 seats'.

The Daily Mail: 'Rejoice! Boris set for thumping win'

Picture: Daily Mail

The Daily Mail has a jubilant headline of 'Rejoice! Boris set for Thumping Win'.

The Guardian: 'Exit poll predicts huge majority for Johnson'

Picture: The Guardian

The Guardian headline states 'Exit Poll Predicts Huge Majority for Johnson' following the 'shock early forecast'.

i: 'Johnson unleashed'

Picture: The i

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The i paper's headline simply says 'Johnson Unleashed' and reports on the spread of seats with one mining community 'dropping' Labour after 70 years.

Daily Express: 'Victory for Boris... and for Brexit!'

Picture: Daily Express

The Express's front page reports 'Victory for Boris...and for Brexit!'

The Scotsman: 'Johnson's election gamble pays off'

Picture: The Scotsman

The Scotsman headline reads 'Johnson's election gamble pays off'.

The Daily Telegraph: 'Johnson on course for landslide'

Picture: Daily Telegraph

The paper that counted Boris as a columnist reports on the exit poll.