Dashcam video shows teenagers forcing driver to mount pavement to evade their road rage

Police are hunting two men in an Audi who forced a driver to mount a pavement to evade their fit of road rage - which included throwing a cupcake.

Shocking dashcam footage shows the youths in an A1 braking violently across the dual carriageway and then throwing a water bottle at a Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck.

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The driver of the pickup, who was with his girlfriend at the time, claims the attackers threw a pink cupcake at his driver's side window during the ordeal.

The driver, who did not want to be named, said: "People have asked me what flavour it was but I have no idea."

Photo: SWNS

According to the victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, the pair were about 18 or 19 and driving in excess of 50mph before undertaking him and braking suddenly.

They had stolen the Audi and put false number plates on, and were trying to pressure the man in the pickup into fighting them.

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He said: ''They were driving recklessly, I was just trying to pay attention to the road and not put myself or anyone else in danger.

"I was worried about my girlfriend at the time, she was scared. I was scared a little too."

Instead of getting out the car, he drove around the Audi to safety.

The A1 rammed the pickup three times and forced the driver to escape on a pathway.

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The victim was told by insurers that his car was a "write off" due to the damage caused.

Essex Police said: "The vehicle involved in the incident has been recovered and we have contacted its owner following reports it was stolen."

Police are looking for anyone who recognises the teenagers in the video of the incident, which happened in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, on 13th January.

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